v. 3005

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i'm here to point out a huge coincidence!! so this chapter is named '3005' bc i get vibes from childish gambino's song 3005!(video above!) this is the fifth chapter and the roman numeral for 5 is 'V'.

donald glover listed his songs on his album 'because the internet' in roman numerals, and coincidentally, 3005 is listed as "V. 3005" and i thought that was funny hehe.

anyway, here's a lil soft chapter, enjoy !!

also a heads up, i'm really disappointed in this but i haven't updated in forever so. apologies in advance.


tyler and josh hadnt seen each other for about five days after tyler lost his virginity. it wasnt because anything bad happened, no, things were more than great between the two.
josh had been working more, which meant tyler had more time to focus on his art.

oh, and tyler put his phone to very good use, calling josh every chance he got.

josh worked as an auto mechanic which involved getting covered in grease while fixing cars, two things he adored. he'd been working overtime to earn enough money to buy his angel a gift and take him to the fair.

what better way to put his plans into action than to show up at his house unannounced?

so that's why he was riding to tyler's house at 5:30 on a saturday night, his gift secured in his jacket pocket, accompanied by a smile he just couldn't shake off.

meanwhile tyler was drinking champaign in his bath, completely unaware that josh was coming over.

bubbles filled the entire tub, his small body almost completely covered

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bubbles filled the entire tub, his small body almost completely covered. his arms were only just long enough to hold himself up, securing him from sliding under.

"yeah, y'really got me now." he sung softly, his eyes slipping shut as he did so. "y'got me so i d'know what m'doin', now."

a smile crept its way onto his face as he thought about about josh, memorizing the tantalising taste of his mouth.

"oh yeah, y'really got me now," a small ping of excitement shot through his veins as he realised just how risky he and josh's relationship was. it fuelled his rebellious side that grew each time they hung out, and believe me, it was certainly there. "y'got me so i can't sleep at night."

"y'really got me, y'really go-" he suddenly screamed out, his hand flying over his mouth and his eyes shooting wide open as he dramatically caught his breath. a loud band resounded from his bedroom window, and tyler knew exactly what it was.

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