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Mom calls me Dolly Polly, but you can call me Polly. Or Pee. That's what the kids at school call me. It's a lot quicker to say than Polly.

"Hey Pee!" they call out loudly, giggling as they hurry past me.

I'm good at that. Making people laugh. It's what I do best.

But Mom says what I do best is playing with Stevie. He's my baby brother and the cutest thing you ever saw in your life, and I'm not just saying that.

He's my best friend in the whole world.

We don't have much money because Dad went to go and live with the angels. Now mom works two jobs and she's always tired.

And sad.

I try to help the best I can. She says I'm her morning star.

I like that.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the kids at school.

They rush by me, smiling and giggling. And I smile and giggle back because smiling and giggling is catching like that.

But they don't stop to talk. They're real busy, you see, the kids at school. And they walk fast and talk fast, and I can't keep up with that.

I'm slow, you see. At least that's what my eighth grade teacher told me.

I sit by myself at lunch. I don't have any friends, except for Mrs. Patterson, the lunch lady.

She always says, "Hi there, Pollyanna!" with a huge smile that looks a lot different from the smile the kids at school have. Her smile makes her eyes light up like two flashlights. She's real pretty, Mrs. Patterson.

It's kinda lonely sitting by myself.

Last week I tried sitting with a girl from class, but she just looked at me real funny and walked off with her friends laughing.

I told you I was good at making people laugh.

But today was different. Today was the best day of my whole life!

I was sitting at my table, the one near the window (I guess nobody likes it because of the breeze), eating my tuna sandwich with pickles and extra mayo, when a girl came over.

"Can I sit here?" she asked.

I looked around to check she was talking to me because this has never happened to me before so I thought that maybe it was a mistake. But she was looking right at me and smiling with Mrs. Patterson eyes.

"Oh yes!" I said. "There's always lots of room at my table!" I told her, so she would know she could sit with me every day. If she wanted.

"I'm Jenny," she said.

"Mom calls me Dolly Polly, but you can call me Polly. Or Pee. That's what the other kids call me."

"I'll call you Polly," she said, offering me one her of fries.

It was the most delicious fry I've ever tasted!

"Polly's a pretty name."

I've never, ever, ever been so happy. EVER! Except maybe when baby Stevie was born.

I like Polly a lot better than Pee.


I'm not eligible for the competition :( but I had so much fun writing this. Thanks for reading! :D

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