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Y/N P.O.V:

He was standing and putting his forehead against the wall moaning and breathing heavily.

He was also holding his clothed crotch as it was hard and visible to see it erecting.

He didn't notice my presence so I decided to close the door little bit and peak.

"Mmm make it stop-Nghh aah" He groaned as he sat on the floor holding his head.

"Aaaaaah god it's so much pleasure-mmm" He held his manhood with both hands as he shut his eyes breathing heavily.

He looked so in pain, even his eyes were tearing up. I decided to go see what was wrong with him.

I walked to him and bended at his level cupping his wet cheeks making him open his eyes.

"Noona? W-What are you doing in here?" He asked dumbfoudedly.

"I wanted to come see you, what is wrong with you?" I asked worried.

"It's nothing-aaaah" He said between moans.

"Jungkook you are not okay, tell me what's wrong so I will help!" I pushed his wet bangs from sweat away from his face.

"Babe, I said it's nothing to worry about" He tried reassuring me.

"Jungkook stop considering me as a little girl, I know that you're in pain" I held his hand.

"When demons don't drink enough blood, they get this horny feeling, it's just that it's x10 worse." He said breathing heavily.

"D-Did you try like t-touching y-yourself or something?" I stuttered with red tint on my cheeks.

"I did, it's doesn't work... Drinking blood is the only thing that will stop this" He moaned.

"Then bite me" I offered.

"No, it will hurt you" He whispered.

"Jungkook, just do it" I lifted his chin up.

"Are you sure?" He hesitated, I nodded.

I sat in front of him and wrapped my arms around his neck so he will have better access.

"I'm really sorry babe" He whispered huskily before entering his cupids in my skin.

I dig my fingers tightly in his back at the unexplainable feeling he gave me.

After some few seconds he pulled off making me place my forehead on his shoulder running out of breath.

"Are you feeling better?" I asked trying to catch my breath.

"So much better, I'm sorry." Said licking his lips and some blood still drooling from my neck.

"Stop apologizing, now put me on the bed cause I can't move" I commanded making him chuckle.


"Jungkook..." you whined.

"That's me..." He said as he was scrolling down his phone.

"I'm hungry." you pouted.

"I have an idea, eat." He said sarcastically making you hit his head.

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