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Sera breathed in the scent of freshly baked pie and tacky coffee through her nose, a small smile gracing her lips. Her baby blue waitress uniform still fit comfortably and smelled like her old lavender perfume. Billy Joel blasted through the cheap speakers attached to the ceiling and baseball reruns played from a fuzzy television hanging from the wall. Sighing in somewhat content, Sera felt at ease. As much as she hated her hometown, it felt good to be back in it's tight and protective clutches.

"Sera, I've missed you!" One of the regulars, Gary Perkins bellowed in his usual overly-loud tone. Sera chuckled softly instead of wincing at the excessive volume, walking over to his seat at the counter and leaning against the trashy bench with her notepad in hand. Before she could ask if he wanted his regular, the hefty man grinned a yellow smile. "I'll take my usual, but make the coke a diet one."

"Watching your weight?" Sera quirked an amused eyebrow, and the elder guffawed, coughing at the end.

"Juliet is tryin' to put me on a diet, but it ain't gonna work." He snickered as Sera stepped around the counter and grabbed a coke from the refrigerator, popping the cap open with ease and sliding it over to him. She turned to the cook and called out Gary's order, before spinning back around and smiling at the old man.

"Juliet's a wise woman, Gary." She smiled charmingly, before her head turned to the door when she heard the bell chime. She cocked her head to the side a little, not recognising the hunched figure, before he turned his head. Sera's eyes widened and she ducked behind the counter just as he looked in her direction. "Shit!"

"Sera? What in the hell are you doing down there?" Gary called out, and Sera cursed at his belting voice. She got onto her knees and began to crawl towards the kitchens, wanting to avoid any possible interaction with the man who just walked in.


Sera jumped and lifted her head, seeing the grinning face of Tony Stark staring down at her. He was leaning over the counter, eyebrows raised and hair a mess. She gulped awkwardly, still on her hands and knees like a dimwit. She plastered a smile on her lips and cleared her throat. "Tony from the park, hi."

"The floor is real interesting, isn't it?" Tony teased, and Sera squeezed her eyes shut, before glaring down at the patterned linoleum.

"You should see it from down here." She shot back and Tony laughed as she pushed herself up and turned to face him. The dark haired boy seemed extremely happy, donning a white t-shirt and a tan trench coat that looked way too expensive to be anywhere near her neighbourhood. Sera smacked her lips and busied herself with fitting napkins into tins instead of making eye contact with Tony. "So, uh, what're you doing here?"

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