Chapter 24

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AN: So here it is guys, the last chapter of You Again. First of all, I would like to say thank you to all who read my first story. Also to those who voted and put comments. Thank you to those who fanned me. Bottom line is, you all have encouraged me to continue to write and to pursue my dream to be an author. Thank you so much!! 

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This last chapter is dedicated to all of you.

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Two Weeks Later

"I've never seen a night sky this perfect." I said to Harry. I looked up to him and he grinned and kissed me on my forhead. We were walking hand in hand on the streets of Jacksonville this evening. The boys' tour has ended and they decided to spend their vacation at my house in Jacksonville.

Harry circled his thumb on my hand and said, "Yeah. But you're more perfect." He smirked and this time I kissed him on the cheeks.

The past two weeks has been amazing. I've been with my boys on their tour, and they did stupendous. And if you're wondering what is our relationship status? Well, we're not yet boyfriend girlfriend. But we are infinitely happy.

"So, where are we going?" I asked Harry.

"You really don't know the meaning of surprise, don't you?" he asked then smirked.

I shook my head as if saying no. He laughed and took something out of his pocket. "Thought so." He said. My eyes landed on what he pulled out, it was a black blindfold.

I backed up a bit, "Wait hold on--" But he already placed the blindfold on top of my eyes. I tried to wiggle but after tying the blindfold, he put his hands on my shoulders and I could feel his head leaning towards me. Lips brushed against my ear. "Trust me, okay?" He said with his husky voice.

My body tensed, and I could feel blood rising to my cheeks. I bit my lips and nodded. I heard him chuckle. "You're so cute when you blush."

"Thanks for making me blush even more." I say. He chuckled some more, and he grabbed my hand and led the way.

We were walking for about three minutes going through some twists and turns. I grunted, "Ugh you are so mysterious."

He chuckled and said, "Thats why you love me." He continued, "We're almost there."

"Okay, now can I remove--" I stopped talking. I heard music playing, wherever we were.

"We'll do it all, Everything, On our own" the music played. Chasing Cars, this is my favorite song.

"Harry where--?" I was interrupted by somebody removing the blindfold. "Get ready for this, hubby." the voice said.

"Louis?" I asked. The blindfold was off. I was face to face with Lou. The music was still playing. He grinned and turned me around.

I was in Jacksonville central park. The park when Harry and I first met. Christmas lights were scattered, hung all around the trees. As I was walking closer to the middle part of the park, the music was getting louder.

"If I lay here, if I just lay here.." the music went on. I was now near the central fountain. I gasped at the sight. It was Harry looking the most handsome he has ever looked. I noticed he changed outfit from what he was wearing earlier. From a plain old white vneck, he was now covering it up with his signature style blazer.

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