Squeeze The Juice Out Of Your Head

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"Write to express, not to impress."

Hey! You may not see me but I can see the desperation in those eyes of yours that you want to be an effective novel writer! Well, you've come to the right place. Welcome!

In this part, I'm not gonna exactly teach you how to write. We're talking about that later. What I want to talk about now is your story!

It's so beautiful yet peculiar to think about how our mind works. How it creates things. How it manages to make everything real. You just have to close your eyes and imagine. You can be anything you want! A detective, a killer, a king, a sorcerer or even maybe a platypus. (who would like to be a platypus, anyway)

But what's the use of characters if they don't have any purpose? Well, that's where your story comes in!

I told you we're gonna talk about your story. How to make one. How to construct it. How to beautify it. How to make them look and sound as it is in our imagination!

First, how do we make a story?

- Simple as picking up a boulder, use your imagination. If you REALLY want to make one, pick a peaceful place and sit down. Feel the breeze. The temperature. The silence. Your breath. Your heartbeat. Your mind. Let them speak for you. Don't overthink. Just let everything flow. Let your current emotion, experience, pain, and life take over your imagination. Eventually, you'll get an idea. An idea that would soon be a story no one has ever read!

-What are ideas?
Metaphorically speaking, they are the seeds.
Basically speaking, they are just a SMALL part of your story or just a 'genre'. For example, you have thought about castles, handsome princes, sorcerers, dragons and things like that, then you'll be writing about Fantasy! Easy, right?

No. It's actually not.

-Well, when you already have an idea, don't jump into making plots already! Well, of course you can but I don't recommend it. Before arranging a plot, you should first study and research about the kind of story you're writing!

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