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For a moment I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or dying. Everything seemed to be falling into place when I saw those brown eyes I have been constantly thinking and dreaming about. I haven't made up my mind on if seeing them is a bad or good thing, but as of right now, it's beyond good.

"Addi!" he says with an excited tone and huge smile.

"Mike!" I say equally back with a even bigger grin.

We were acting as if we were best friends who haven't seen each other in years and we were web camming after one of us left to travel the world. I can't complain though, seeing his smile makes mine grow even bigger and brighter.

He looks down at his lap after we starred at each other for a long minute, if I wasn't completely dazzed, I would say he was somewhat blushing.

"How are you, darling?" 

"I'm okay, a bit nervous. Not as bad as I thought it was going to be though." I give him a slight grin.

"Same here, I'm glad I'm not starring at some old pedophile who wants me for my body!" he says while covering his eyes to exaggerate his point.

All the nervousness and anxitey has left me, and I'm starting to get comfortable with the face behind the computer screen.

"So, Mike" I say while looking directly at his eyes as much as I can manage.


"Wanna be up for that challenge of yours?" I say with a slight grin coming across my face.


"Where would you like to start first my, dear?" he asks me an it takes me a moment to catch my breath at all the cute names he's been calling me.

"Well, tell me about the one on your neck for starters."

He continues to tell me about his dad and how he kept inspiring him to always do his best and to never give up. He went as far as telling me great stories about him, his older brother, and dad. Whenever he would talk about them his face lit up and he got so excited to tell me about them and with him getting happy, made me happy. It made me feel almost, complete knowing he was a happy guy with some great family.

"What does the tattoo across your chest say?"

He moved his tee shirt as much as he could for me to get a better view of it, but it wasn't working quite well. He continuted to explain some meaning behind it and show me parts where it needed to be touched up at, but then he does something completely unexpected, he takes of his shirt and tosses it to the side.

He looks up at me, trying to guage my reaction and I just stare at him hoping my redness hasn't came back up yet.

"There." he says.


"Addi, are you sure you aren't sleepy? Your eyes seem so heavy and all your conversations have died down. Not to mention you're closing your eyes minutes at a time." He laughs but points a finger at me as if he's trying to scold me.

"Are you trying to get rid of me, Michael?" I give him my best smirk.

"Not at all, I'm just worried about your sleeping schedule is all."

"Same," I laugh a bit. "Alright, I'm getting off here. Thanks for giving me my first web cam experience."  

"No problem, goodnig-" he says but I cut him off.

"What do you call a Mexican baptism?" I giggle and cover my mouth.

"Addi, really?" He laughs along with me.

"Bean dip!" I laugh so hard that I'm starting to feel light headed.

He laughs along with me and says "That was horrible" and laughs even harder.

"Go to sleep, Addi. You're getting loopy." he says with a bit more serious tone.

"Alriiiighhhhtt, goodnight Michael."

"Goodnight, Addison." and with that he disconnects the chat and I stare at the laptop screen.

Even though I just spent 4 hours speaking to him, I feel lost as ever when I saw his face disappear. A part of me was taken when he went away and a part of me feels giddy knowing it did. Even though, he took that part of me, it makes me feel even safer he did. Knowing it's with him, it gives me a sense of safety I haven't found in anybody else.

Falling asleep I have a huge grin on my face, feeling a weird feeling deep down into my stomach. I welcome it with open arms, and have the picture of two big brown eyes starting back at me.

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