Chapter 10: President Steel

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The sun shined over the White House as another beautiful and patriotic morning was upon President Steel and his family. No matter how hard you tried to look, the Presidential family could not seem odder, what with the young trophy wife and children that didn't even look like their father. They sat around their mahogany dining table that was stocked from end to end with eggs, hash browns, freshly baked multi-grain rolls, pitchers of milk and orange juice, bacon, sausages, and ham, and steaming mugs of coffee. President Steel picked up his napkin from his lap, lifting it up to blot his wrinkled, splotchy face. He sweated like a pig whenever he ate.

His thin layer of gray hair was barely enough to hide the shine from his scalp having made it a target of many jokes during his initial campaign for president. It led to unsuccessful hair plugs that only got infected. Clotilda, the head maid of the Presidential home, entered, holding a collection of jams. President Steel failed to acknowledge her presence as she opened each jar for his enjoyment. She moved onto First Lady Steel refilling her cup of coffee. First Lady Steel suddenly swatted her hand away causing some of the liquid to spill onto the white cloth.

"Look what you did! First you fill my cup without permission then you dirty my cloth. Clean it up!"

She shook her head at her husband, tossing her napkin onto her plate in utter disbelief of the stupidity of her slaves. A man dressed in a dark suit with an New American flag pin on the lapel of his jacket, entered the room displaying worry lines on his forehead. President Steel looked up at his Secretary of Defense, Ernest Fox, immediately ordering his family out. Fox took a seat in the First Lady's chair and opened a manila folder containing alarming reports. Steel's tired eyes scanned over the paper, making his eyebrows furrow together nearly forming just one.

"What the hell is this, when was this?" he demanded, slapping the paper onto the table.

"This morning, sir." Fox replied, clearing his throat in discomfort.

"Was this a public poll?"

"Of course not, the survey was emailed individually."

"So then you have a list of the people who voted negatively?" Steel asked.

"No, the negative numbers all seem to have come from the same IP address."

"The system only allows a person to vote once."

Fox tugged on his collar knowing his lack of knowledge was going to anger his President.

"Yes, but, whoever did this, seems to have bypassed the system requirements." Fox told him.

President Steel blinked swallowing his growing discontent.

"Explain to me, how these polls are reflecting negatively. Last week I had a one hundred percent approval rate. The system does not even give an option for a negative review. How did my approval-rating drop to seventy five percent? Explain to me how someone managed to send in that many negative votes from the same IP address!"

Fox flinched at his president's tone and dropped his head submissively.

"I apologize sir, we are trying our hardest to figure this out, but this person seems to be an experienced hacker." he said.

"So it is one person?" President Steel asked.

"We believe so."

He rose to his feet, placing his hands behind his back to pace the floor in thought. Fox watched him walk back and forth, mumbling things to himself. Finally after his pacing had created enough intensity in the atmosphere, he turned to face Fox, and with a cool, calm and collected voice, he ordered, "I want you to get our best agents in the CIA and help them infiltrate with the wealthiest families in the nation. When you've rounded them up, bring them to me." Fox assented and excused himself to complete his task.

President Steel sighed taking a seat once more to finish his breakfast, but his appetite was almost entirely gone. He looked down at the poll results, sifting through the papers until he found one with red highlight marks all over it. His breathing increased as he read each and every sentence assassinating his character. How dare anyone say he was a terrible leader, a liar and an evil manipulator? The words seemed to leap off the page and hold a knife to his throat. He'd worked long and hard to turn this country into what it was. The American Nation had returned to a Golden Age. With rage, President Steel ripped the paper in half targeting the rest of the contents of the file. Torn pieces fell all about his chair in the shape of a halo.

He pushed his plate away and rung a bell calling Clotilda in to clean up his mess. First Lady Steel was already in her string bikini soaking up the sun beside the presidential pool. He rubbernecked for a few seconds then made his way to the oval office. Before too long, Fox brought forth over 100 of the CIA's best. President Steel ushered them into a conference room and slowly climbed onto the stage with the help of Fox. The agents took a seat as President Steel began his speech. 

"Welcome; you are here because you are the CIA's finest. You are being entrusted with a very important task, one that is extremely vital to the nation. Today each of you will be shipped out to a different state to stay with some of the wealthiest families. I need you to determine if any of these families are a threat to national security and most importantly me. Their ideals might differ from ours. When you've cleared one move onto the next. I expect each of you to report back to me every single night and submit a detailed report of your observations at the end of each week. Fox will hand you your assignments as you leave. You are dismissed, and remember, the very foundation of our new nation could be in jeopardy."

Fox wished each agent, luck, giving them the information of where they would be diving from the plane and the families they would be infiltrating. The pretty female agents would go to the wealthy families with the eligible sons and the handsome male agents would go to the families with eligible daughters. He personally escorted them to the airstrip, knowing President Steel would have his head if he didn't ensure all went well. Within half an hour the plane was up in the sky flying over each designated spot. One by one each agent leapt from the plane landing safely in a field where they hurried towards a CIA safe house to change and begin their infiltration. 

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How was this chapter? Drop me a note or comment to let me know how it was! If you haven't already, please check out horror story, The Doll Collector :) 

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