Chapter 5: Fighting back and bubbles

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“Yes, it has only come on once in a great while. I got to watch it long enough to study the English language. It’s strange how it works but I learned it’s better not to question some things.” I did find it strange how sometimes it worked but other times it wouldn’t even turn on. “That sucks. I can’t imagine going so long without any TV.” He muttered. I let out a small laugh, “Believe me, when it first popped up in my lamp I was scared at first. I have never seen such a contraption, but you’re right. It is entertaining.” We got close enough to where he pointed his campsite was and I spotted three boys. One had red hair, while the other two had brown and black hair. I also spotted a blonde girl wearing a scanty bikini along with a red head in the same state. Both did not look happy.



“Oh crap.” Master Gordon muttered.





Chapter 5:


Gordon’s POV:


Oh you’ve got to be kidding me! I completely forgot about Bridget! D*mn it! I hope she’s not like one of those psycho’s that get all extremely clingy. That would suck majorly. I still couldn’t quite believe I now have a genie! A hot one at that! But the puppy that was struggling in my arms proved she was in fact a real life genie.



I don’t know why I said yes for saying she’s my cousin. I could still fix that though…but then she’d know my motives. Of course I want to see if I can get physical with her! Have you seen her body? Well, I have! We reached my friends and the two girls when Bridget stomped her way over to me.





It was quiet as we all stood there dumbfounded. The smacking sound was Isis catching Bridget’s raised hand to slap me. “Don’t hurt my cousin.” She stated and all but shoved her back. Aw, d*mn! She now said we were cousin’s! Well, that sucks. Bridget was red with anger and wretched her hand back from Isis’ gasp.



“That prick basically did a hump and dump on me! He didn’t even say bye this morning!” She shrieked. Isis shook her head at Bridget, “Tell me, what did you expect? They obviously don’t live here or they wouldn’t be camping. Did you really think spreading your legs apart like some common harlot. It takes two to do what you did with him, so I think you’re more angry at yourself. Do yourself a favor. Put more clothes on and less of that make-up and men will take you more seriously.” With that Isis walked past us while all of us stood there with our mouths open.




The way she said that was so cool like. Bridget was gaping like a fish, but eventually looked down at herself and the ridiculously small bikini and simply walked away having a dazed look on her face. Holly followed shortly after not even bothering to say another word. I saw Isis has sat down on this log as we walked up to her.

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