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78. The Night (part 2)

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He watched as I took my last bite, placed the cutlery on the plate and then used the napkin to wipe my mouth.  His eyes followed every movement.

My breathing was already laboured from the way he was watching me.  He knew exactly how to make my body crave him.

"Come here."  I stood in front of him and moaned as his fingers wiped at the moisture that had leaked onto my thighs.

"Good girl Mia.  Your pretty pussy is ready for me."  He said hoarsely as he ran his fingers along my slit.  "Do you want me to fuck you now?"

"Yes."  I whispered.

He led me to the bed and positioned me on my hands and knees and I waited anxiously for him to undress.  I heard him lower his zipper then his pants fell to the floor and he was on the bed behind me.

I shivered as he ran a finger down my spine, then ran his cock along my slit.

"Please Jay?" I begged as I pushed back against him.

"You want my dick inside you Mia?" He asked as he continued to tease me.

"Yes...yes." I cried.

"Say it Mia."

"Please Jay, I need you inside me." I answered. When he didn't respond, I continued. "Please? I want your dick inside me Jay...please? I need to feel..."

He slid inside so fast and deep that I would have lost my balance had he not been holding my hips.

"Is that what you wanted baby?" He grunted as thrust after powerful thrust shook my body.

"Yes, oh god yes."  I cried.

"I want to hear you baby."  He said as his hand connected with my thigh.

I cried out in surprise, then begged him for more.

"Again."  I whimpered and moaned when he spanked me again.

"You like a good spanking, don't you baby?"  He asked as he did it again.

"Yes."  I screamed.

He tangled his hand in my hair and pulled my body up against his.  Turning my head, his lips met mine.  As he spanked me again, he nipped my bottom lip and tugged on my hair.

"Oh god..." I screamed as my pussy clamped around his dick.

"Fuck!" He hissed.

I placed my arms around his neck and he groaned.

"Fuck Mia!" He growled against my ear. "You're giving yourself to me, aren't you baby?"

"Yes." I breathed. "I'm yours Jay, I want you to do naughty things to me. I want to feel...." I cried out as he held my hips and thrust into me.

"Keep talking." He said as he slapped my left thigh.

"I want to...aaahh...to......" I was losing concentration as my orgasm built.

"Tell me." He whispered huskily against my ear.

"I want to be...aaahh." Another slap. "your dirty whore." I finished.

I felt his dick twitch and his fingers tighten on my hips as his thrusts became jerky.

"Cum with me baby."  He grunted as he reached down and tugged the pendant attached to my clit.

"Oh god..." I screamed as I climaxed with him.

He held me against him, his short, sharp breaths hitting my shoulder.

"Are you okay?"  He panted.

My mouth was so dry I could barely speak.  "Yes."  I managed.

"Good girl."  He said as he gently rubbed over the places he'd spanked me.

"Stay right here baby."  He said as he withdrew and moved my arms from around his neck.  He left the room and returned a minute later.

He wiped my thighs with the warm wash cloth and took it back to the bathroom.

"You're so fucking beautiful Mia."  He whispered as he positioned himself behind me.

He bent me over so I was back on my hands and knees and spread my legs wider.  I heard him open the condom wrapper and then felt him spread my ass cheeks.  The cold lube coated my hole and he massaged it gently.

"I love fucking your ass Mia."  He said quietly.  "I love how naughty it makes you feel, because when you feel naughty, you act naughty."

He slipped a finger inside and I drew in a breath.

"Do you want me to fuck your ass babe?"  He asked as he moved his finger in and out.

"Yes."  I breathed.

He slapped my thigh and I cried out his name.

"Yes, please fuck my ass."  I panted.

His finger was gone and I felt his cock nudge me.

"Relax baby."  He whispered as he gently rubbed my back.  When the tension left my body, he eased himself in.

"Are you okay?"  He asked when he was fully inside.

"Yeah, just give me a minute." 

When he felt I was ready, he held my hips and gently moved inside me.

"Fuck, your ass feels good Mia."

"Your dick feels good." I responded as he began to move quicker and harder.

I shivered as he ran his finger along my spine, then between my ass cheeks, stopping where we were currently joined.

"I'm going to fuck you all night Mia." He grunted. "Your cunt is going to be so sore babe, but I'm still going to fuck it." I moaned at that, which only made him thrust harder.

"And when I'm not fucking you, your sweet pussy is going to be squatted over my face."

My body jolted as he reached between my legs and inserted his fingers.

"More...Jay, more." I rasped.

He had three fingers inside me, pumping away in unison with his cock and each time he hit my gspot I would cry out.

"Good girl, let me hear you baby."

I tightened around his fingers and he groaned.  "That's it Mia, lets make it a good one."  He encouraged as his fingers pressed that oh so wonderful spot over and over, until I could hardly breath. 

"Jay."  I screamed as the pleasure took hold.

"Fuck!" He growled as he held my hip and pulsed inside me.

My arms gave way and Jay removed his fingers, gripped my hips and lost his load.

He kissed my back and gently removed his dick and we collapsed on the bed side by side.

"Holy fuck!" He grunted as he tried to catch his breath.

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