A New Year's Walk - Getting Annoyed

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“Well it’s not that…” I answer, and then I whisper “It’s just that…”

“I’ am sorry, what?”

“I can’t ride a bike okay, I never did learn how to as a kid”

And in that moment, I knew this girl, sorry, Eloise would be a minor annoyance that would be haunting me all day.

She was suppressing her laughter by covering her mouth; I guess it was kind of cute that she tried to avoid offending me.

“Sorry but...” she started to giggle uncontrollably. “Oh god I’ am really sorry, I’ve done nothing but hurt you so far haven’t I?”

She sighs rather heavily, I started walking away.

“Oh come on!” She started walking her bike to keep up with me; I don’t have the slightest idea as to why.

                “At least let me make it up to you! Come on it’s what, Ten to Six? How about breakfast? I’ll treat you, what do you say? Maybe some pancakes and coffee?” Although I admire her tenacity, I’d rather not.

“No thanks, I’d rather not, bother you any longer Eloise” I reply, as nicely as I could. Afterwards I continue on with my walk, ignoring the pain in my leg.

“Well we’re going the same direction anyway, you can’t stop me” She replies, now running in front of me, bike in hand “Besides, you know I won’t stop bugging you” And she was right. I knew should wouldn’t.

“Fine, fine, if you promise to maybe stay quiet?” I answer, as a smile appeared on her face, I can’t help but notice how, frail she looks, despite the fact that she looked fit, I felt as if she wasn’t as healthy as she looked.

“I don’t know, I can’t promise that” she says with a giggle “I’ am a bit talkative, but I can try” With a heavy sigh, I accept my newfound, noisy little companion.

“What are you doing out here anyway? You don’t look like a jogger.” She asked. Well, So much for trying to keep quiet.

“Like I said, I’ am just taking a walk”

“To nowhere? I mean, why would you walk without a destination?” Man, she’s persistent.

“It’s just a walk, for health reasons you know, I don’t need a place to go”

“But that doesn’t seem right at all” she runs ahead of me and faces me, walking backwards all the while.

“Don’t you at least have a place you want to visit? I mean you should at least have somewhere you want to go.” She says. I had to stop and think about that for a moment. However I come up with nothing.

“I just don’t, I guess I just want to look around the city, even though I’ve seen it a million times.” Was that the only answer I could come up with? Geez.

“Then why are you walking Fisher Trail? There’s nothing here to see!”

“Says the girl biking through it”

“He he, that’s true, I just kind of missed it.”

“Well speaking of you on a bike, how did you even hit me?”

She faced forward and lowered her voice “I spaced out, in a way”

I notice that it may have been a sensitive topic, from the tone of her voice, which sounded despondent, I change the topic.

“What’re you doing out this early anyway?”

“Well I like biking around, and it’s nice out. Why are you walking around at a time like this?”

“I guess it feels, nice” Once again, I have no idea what to answer but the plain truth.

“I walked this road a thousand times, and maybe a thousand more, but, the wind on your face, the cold, bitter air, the sunrise” I glance at my phone once again, and I find out it was Six in the morning.

“And besides, it saves me some cash when I walk home everyday” I shrug, I guess I’ am just cheap.

“Wow, you’re kind of cheap you know that?” Damn it. “But I can’t blame you” She adds as we walk on the bridge that stands over another stream, which forked off to from another river.

She walks over to the side, bike still next to her “This place is kind of pretty isn’t it?” She says “Just, in its own simple way, it really does look amazing”

And for once, I can agree, through the grays of life, the walk home never fails to pick me up.

“I bike through the whole place every Saturday, all throughout the entire place” she adds, her tone was back to the cheerful one. I guess she really likes biking.

“Besides, it’s good for your health! You have to keep fit you know, or you’ll wind up soft!” she shouts to the heavens, stretching her arms up, dropping her bike. “Whoops”

After picking it up, she sighs and looks around. “I’ am getting hungry, how about you?”

“We have a kilometer to go you know, I think you can endure that”

“But not on foot! Walking is so slow, I’d be there by now!” she snaps back

“Well why don’t you go on ahead and eat, I mean we don’t have to-”

“But you already said yes didn’t you? I’ am going to make it up to you by buying you breakfast.”

I sigh, hopefully she gets the hint.

She doesn’t so I look around, maybe I can finish this fiasco early.

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