01 | the boy who glowed blue

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chapter one | the boy who glowed blue

     HE THOUGHT HE loved the smell of nature as he climbed down the old, creaky wooden stairs of his shack, but the smell was putrid when he stepped foot on the ground. It was the type of smell that stung — made your eyes and your nose water from the awful stench.

       On some days, when mother nature was in a good mood, the air was often filled with the fragrance of daisies, roses, and other flowers that grew by the meadow. However, most of the time — such as now — Sye can barely tuck his nose as he took off towards the grassy path. It was impairing his sense of smell bit by bit — for someone living in this secluded part of the forest, you would have thought that Sye had gotten used to the rancid smell.

      What type of forest smelled like a morgue anyway? There was absolutely no one in the vicinity, and Sye wasn’t the type of person to believe in such a thing as ghosts.

       As he walked deep in thought, Sye couldn’t help but feel a little over the edge today. Like something was about to happen. He could feel it in his bones, he could feel it the moment he woke up strangely after the dream. Having already debunked the concept of apparitions, Sye couldn’t help but think that maybe ghosts did exist, if the cold chill that danced around his spine was anything to go by.

      The walk from the forest towards the nearest bus stop wasn’t actually that far. Give it a 10 minutes and the place comes into view. However, Sye thought that that walk in particular was a bit slow and spooky — so he hastened his steps by a notch.


      5 minutes later, Sye had already passed the clearing and the Oak trees that led to a secluded part of the highway, but his paranoia had risen dramatically. If he wasn’t feeling a bit sick, Sye might have thought that something — or someone — was watching his every move. Concealed by thick foliages of ivy, hidden by the large trunks of century old trees. He dismissed the thought as stress-induced paranoia.

      There was no need to panic over an intuition — he has had them before and the results were all the same.

      He reached the end of the forest, just in time for the bus to arrive in his gnarly state. The bus stop wasn’t over a few miles away, he felt incredibly lucky and nauseous at the same time.

      Great. Sye thought disdainfully. Give them another reason to think I’m a hermit.

     As he hauled himself up towards the steel platform, Sye could feel the sensation as if someone was looking at him. He whipped around — so fast one might think he had cracked his neck — and checked out the extent of his paranoia.

      Trees. Bushes, some wild patches of weed. Those were the only things that came into view. However, as he took a closer look, Sye could have sworn he saw a figure of a person leaning against a tree trunk. He wore a dark cloak like in one of his dreams — with a pipe in his mouth and a puff of smoke for added effect. Sye blinked out of impulse and almost instantly, the ghost of the person was gone.

      “Strange. . .” he mumbled to himself, shaking his head when he realized his brain must have been playing tricks on him.

       Who even bothered to stalk the pale-skinned, skinny boy? He was just a nobody with Golden Blonde hair and Green eyes — a pariah in this world. A walking stick, as what his bullies said.

      Thinking about his tormentors made him forget about his mini nervous breakdown. He wondered what was in store for him today — if it was let-my-bully-beat-me-day or if it was let-my-bully-accidentally-puke-their-lunch-day. Either way, it was enough to drain the blood in his face.

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