My Plan

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It's a clean crisp morning, thin delicate layers of ice stretch across puddles, easily broken by my wolf's pounding paws. She's on the trail of a rabbit, her nose to the ground, sniffing intently. The crack of a breaking twig alerts us to his presence.

He's never far behind, always in the shadows, stalking, observing.

His grey wolf, a beast of an animal, approaches slowly, showing no signs of aggression. He pads his way towards my wolf. The rabbit we were hunting hangs dead in its mouth.

Placing it on the ground, he tears it in half easily with his sharp teeth. He swallows down half, then picks up the other half of the rabbit and, deliberately slow, drops it in front of us, nudging it with his nose. He whines slightly, encouraging us to take his offering of food, but it's more than that.

Everything he does for us is a test. He's determining our acceptance of his wolf as a provider. He nudges it closer with his nose. Dropping down on his belly, his head rests on his paws. With no show of dominance or aggression, he just waits.

I let my wolf decide. Her golden eyes lock on the severed rabbit. Smelling it softly, she leans her head forward and, with a quick bite, it's gone, sitting warm in her belly.

Still, on his belly, he crawls closer, one slow slither at a time. His head bumps our side, and he rubs his cheeks against our fur, back and forth.

He lets out a whine, licking our neck, pressing his cheek against our cheek. I can smell him on us. He rubs his side against our side, his head rubbing under our neck.

He licks the top of our ears, grooming us. My wolf appreciates the contact as she appraises his wolf. She rolls over on her back, exposing her underbelly and his wolf licks our fur clean. He takes long sniffs by our tail and presses his nose against our strong smelling nature.

My wolf is basking in the attention his wolf is showing her. He bumps his head into her belly, rubbing his scent into her until we're both a cloud of male musk.

Getting up to his full height, he stretches lazily. My wolf fits comfortably under his chin, and she starts with her head, then lets her body glide underneath him, with her tail swishing and twirling around his jaw. She rubs her cheeks along his flanks, body bumping into his teasingly. She's smelling every inch of him. He parts his legs slightly as she inhales his manliness.

She's so proud this male Alpha wolf is our mate. She approves of him, just not his human.

Nipping at our neck, he playfully jumps at us, wanting to play. Crashing through undergrowth and dead trees, we race back to the house, my wolf slightly behind. I can feel her acceptance of his wolf, her appraisal of him, her desire to be with him.

Looking on while the Northerner takes on his human form, I appreciate what's in front of me in all his natural glory.

Turning towards my wolf, he sticks out his hand, trying to pet us. If it weren't for his quick reflexes, my wolf would've snapped his hand in half.

His justice is swift. Pinching the tip of our ear hard, he brings my wolf to heel. She yelps out her pain, and she's immobilized. The ears are the most sensitive spot on her body. Because of the continued pressure, she gives him her neck in submission. Easing off the pinch slightly, his other hand pets her fur, rubbing over her ribs, back, underneath her neck. She growls very low, baring her teeth slightly.

The pinch intensifies, bringing my wolf down at his feet.

"That behavior will not be tolerated from you or your wolf, Meela." His tone is threatening.

Once again, my wolf shows her neck, bringing her tail between her legs. His hand runs over our fur, scratching behind our ear.

"Good, little wolf. Was that so bad?"

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