= Chapter 20 =

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" I fell in love with the way you touched me without using your hands. "

-Jeremy Lockhart


" It's so simple! Just place your finger on this string and play it lightly, just strum..." I instructed Jeremy, while lazing on the couch.

I'm not sure how we ended up at Jeremy's house but I was currently trying to teach him how to play a guitar at 1.30 a.m. And so far, he was failing pathetically.

"My fingers are so pain! Why must there be high notes and low notes, this is so useless! " he whined continuously.

Staring at him, I thought hard. I needed to teach him well in order for him to be able to at least perform a song. With this pace we're going at, we'll take a lifetime for him to learn. I needed to make him enjoy playing a guitar.

"What do you like? What do you enjoy doing? Or where do you like to go to often?" I asked spontaneously.

His eyes snapped towards, he removed his fingers gently and gulped slightly.

"Erm...well, I like to write and I love anything to do with poetry...I like things with deep meanings or a big mystery... and I-I just love to be under the stars too. " he smiled softly, while rubbing his arms awkwardly.

Standing up abruptly, I grabbed the guitar which was his uncle's and took him by the hand.

"Then bring me there" I whispered under my breath.


We sat in a large field under the stars, just liked how Jeremy loved it. The stars lit up the sky in its own magnificent way, each star unique.

"I've seen stars a million times but yet, it never fails to amaze me." He kept his eyes on the constellation of stars.

"So why did you want to come here?" Jeremy snapped out of his gaze.

"I'm going to teach you how to play the guitar, but in a different approach...." I moved closer to him.

Sliding my fingers over the strings of the guitar, I thought of how I could relate it to life or even poetry which I honestly hated immensely.

"The tune that is created when strumming a guitar is like a life. There are high notes and low notes, just like we have ups and downs in our life. To get over our problems in life, we would sometimes get hurt. Just like when you play different notes, your fingers will hurt..." I pulled the guitar towards him and placed my fingers over his, ignoring the tingles I felt. Jeremy stared at me, his mouth slightly apart. There was something in his eyes which I could quite figure— Awe? Adoration?......Love?
I whispered into his ear as we strummed the guitar together.

"A...E...A, yes that's right!" I encouraged him with a smile. He glanced back at me often, a confident smile slowly crept it's way onto his lips.

We made a few mistakes once in while, but with my fingers still on his, I guided him along the way. He started to feel less tense, leaning closer to me. The stars above us made the environment comfortable for him, a smile never leaving his lips.

After a while, I removed my fingers from his. The chilly wind blew against my soft dark brown locks of hair. He looked at me with concern.

"Feeling cold?"

"Slightly..." I bit my lower lip, trying to hide the shiver.

He wrapped his hands over mine, rubbing them gently with his thumb. His hands were naturally warm and curled over mine perfectly. His eyes were concentrated on our hands, making sure to keep mine warm.

I started to feel a light drizzle, but it didn't bother me cause all I wanted was to stay close to him. Just for a while longer...

Out of a sudden, his eyes caught me admiring him. But this time, I didn't look away.

I admired his blue eyes, the ones that held so much emotion. They weren't just crystal blue, it was a shade that shouldn't exist on the human body, a shade I immediately crave. It was a shade that made my heart beat a little bit faster.

I wanted to steal it, paint it, throw it into every room that I would ever decorate. It's the most perfect blue I've ever seen. And under the stars, his eyes were just simply remarkable like how he was.

My eyes lowered towards his lush lips, which could always form a dazzling smile which I never knew actually made my day.

A few strands of my chocolate brown hair fell over my eyes which he swiftly pulled back with one hand while his other hand brushed across my jawline line. He slid his finger gently over my lower lip, I noticed how his eyes turned a darker shade of blue—I could see desire lacing in them.

Why are you allowing him to do this? He's your enemy. He has a girlfriend. He'll be like Jona-

But before my thoughts could run wild any further, Jeremy closed the gap between us. His right hand pulled me closer by the hip while his left hand supported my neck and jaw line. His lips pressed softly against mine and ever so tenderly he made me melt into the kiss.

The shower that was pouring down on us made raindrops roll down our faces, but somehow it didn't matter at all. Nothing was important than to taste the sweetness of Jeremy lips.

But what happens after the kiss?

What are we then?

He's cheating on Emily with me, why am I allowing this? It's just wrong. It has to stop. The past can't repeat itself.

Suddenly, I pushed him away as if  I've  been burned. I jumped up off the grass and started pacing back and forth with my hands on my hips.

"I'm sorry, Jeremy," I said in a strangled voice. "That wasn't right."

"You're right, I don't know what I was thinking..." Jeremy said, looking at the ground. He seem to be afraid of seeming too eager or disappointed. In fact, I wasn't quite sure how to react, to the kiss or to Jeremy's sudden show of regret.

"That wasn't right," I said again. "Come on, it's getting late. Could you bring me back?"

Jeremy nodded reluctantly, avoiding eye contact with me. As we made our way to his car, I couldn't help but wonder if Jeremy's heart was beating as fast as mine, or if he was feeling anything like the hot fire of desire that had settled in my stomach.

And little did I know, fate had a little punishment for me planned...

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