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The year is 5052. Life as we know it is gone. Fairytale creatures now coexist with the human race. A lab experiment gone wrong had brought these creatures to life in the year 4832.

While humans have had to live with these creatures, the interactions were kept minimal. Humans feel that this is their world, and letting storybook characters run amok is not okay. Talking to them would give them a false sense of belonging.

Little does anybody know, the one Hex they've tried so hard to prevent is about to strike. It's not just any regular hex, it's The Hex. It has the power to take their already cruel world and twist it into an even worse form. These fairytale freaks and human halfwits must put their many differences aside if they want to make it out alive.

This book is still on hold for just a little while longer! I promise I'll pick it back up soon! Thank you all for your patience!

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