= Chapter 19 =

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"When it comes to you, there is no crime."

-Jeremy Lockhart


Walking into the 24/7 shop near the petrol station, I noticed a young guy chewing on his bubble gum, clearly oblivious to his surroundings.

The music played softly in the background, while the lights in the shop kept flickering. The shop was empty, without a single soul.

Jeremy leaned lightly against the shelf where tampons were stacked up while I searched. Smiling in accomplishment, I finally found what I needed. But like always, nothing goes my way.

"Jeremy...?" His eyes flew to me.

"That face you're giving me is the same expression you gave me when you didn't have tampons..." he said slowly, straightening his posture.

"Do you have by any chance...money?" I smiled sheepishly at him. Running his fingers through his hair, he emptied his pockets.

"Well, I'm broke too. How can you forget your money Skylar?" He furrowed his eyebrows, still checking.

"I tend to be forgetful..." I shrugged before stuffing the tampon into my pocket.

Jeremy stared at me in confusion, looking constantly at my face and back to my pocket.

"W-what are you doing?"

"Stealing duh?" I turned away but he pulled me back by my wrist.

"If we get caught, w-" he gave me nervous eyes before I interrupted him.

"That will only happen if we get caught. Just watch me." I was about to walk off towards the cashier but Jeremy pulled me back once agin.

"If you're planning on seducing him, you must know that he's gay. I have been here a couple of times to know enough about him." His words made my mouth form into a ' O ' .

"Then I guess you'll have to flirt with him." I leaned closer to him.


"Don't worry Emily won't freak about t-"

"I don't care about what she thinks, I just never flirted with a guy..." before he could doubt himself any further I pushed him towards the cashier.

Jeremy bumped into a tray of sweets which for starters, caught the cashier's attention. Jeremy stared at him for a straight 5 seconds before coughing out words which turned out to be a total failure.

" I couldn't help but notice you like bubble gum...?" His voice sounded shaky and it came out more like a question, instead of a pick up line.

The guy at the counter who was named Gavin which I found out after squinting my eyes to see his name tag, just stared blankly at Jeremy.
Jeremy was getting nervous, he took a deep breath before fisting his fist.

" oh god damn it, Gavin...I like you...." Jeremy gave him sincere eyes.

Gavin blinked a couple of times before stuttering out.

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