Chapter 42

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I was back in LA for the game tonight. After I got dressed, I put the tickets in my back pocket, left the house and walked to Monique's house. I stood in front of her door and called her.

Nique: Hey Bri
Me: What are you doin' tonight?
Nique: Nothing
Me: Why don't you go to the game?
Nique: I would, but I don't wanna go by myself
Me: Go outside then
Nique: What?
Me: Just go outside

Her door opened and when she saw me, she screamed and jumped up & down.

"What are you doing here?!" she screamed.

"Darrell got me tickets to the game for my birthday. Wanna gooo?"


"Alright come on! You're driving."

We got to the Staples Center and when we got inside, we found our seats.

"Ah shit," I mumbled.

"What's wrong?"

"Our seats are behind the Clippers bench."

We sat down and watched them warm up. I'm so glad Blake or DJ didn't look into the crowd. After some time, they left the court because the game was about to start.


The second quarter was about to end and the Clippers were in the lead, 57-55. Blake and DJ were coming off the court, so I pretended to get something off the floor and Monique pretended she was on her phone so they wouldn't see our faces. Once they sat down, we looked up and devised a plan.

"Yo, what do you think about #6?" Monique asked loud enough for them to hear.

"He got skills, I guess," I said in a really geechie accent so they wouldn't notice my voice.

"Yeah and he cute too," Monique said trying not to laugh, "what about 32?"

"He cute or whatever and his dunks are nasty as hell."

I could tell they were listening because they looked at each other and laughed.

"Ay, but I heard he was datin' this girl name Briana. I've seen them around together - they cute."

"Ain't no way he wit' dat hoe. He could do way better," I said laughing a little.

They both turned around and they looked pissed at first, but when they saw it was me & Monique, they started laughing.

"Yall are a damn mess," DJ said.

"Yall looked so pissed," Monique said.

"We really thought somebody was talkin' shit," Blake said.

We all laughed while the buzzer went off. They went into halftime - the score still 57-55.


As the game was coming to an end, Blake turned around and told Monique and I to wait for them after the game.

The game ended and the Clippers lost to the Lakers 116-103, but when the guys approached us, they didn't seem bothered.

"Y'all seem pretty happy considering ya just lost," I said.

"We're always happy when you're around," DJ said pulling me into a hug.

"Aw, that's sweet! So Blake, where's your girlfriend? I was hoping I could meet her tonight."

"She doesn't like basketball, so she didn't come," he said.

"But she's supposed to be here to support you," I said back.

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