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  • Dedicated to You :)

Dear readers,

I love each and every one of you, so so so so so much, because you made through the whole story and are reading this. Today I finished my first major story! I remember writing my first story with a friend, eight years ago, In China Part II, It was probably one whole page long or something :)

This story, 1.2 Billion People, means the world to me. I put in a lot of hard work, in it. Most importantly, I put my heart to it. It made me realise how much of a hard work it is to write something serious. After reading through, you probably understood how brutal the Attacks were. It was all cold blooded murder. Writing this, I once again went through the whole thing, researched everything, and I realised how valuable life is, and how easily it can go away.

Somethings I want to clear up..

Isha and Abhay (Akanksha, Yohaan, Shana, Bhindia and Karthik, as well) are my imaginary characters. I'm not survivor, I have never been to Mumbai, and I wasn't directly affected by the Attacks.

The flash mob is real. And it was organised by a kind person named Shonan Kothari, as a dedication to everyone who passed away in the Attacks. I don't know if she has a sister and if her name is Shana. Shana is, once again, my imaginary character. I just added Isha and Shana into the flash mob plan. Also, dear person, who is actually starting the dance, I'm sorry that I made Isha start the dance routine.

Erika Mann is a real person. She was a MEP at the time of the Attacks. Everything that is mentioned as her plan, is real. Tyrol Guy is a real person, who was actually from Tyrol. The thing with the MP was real, however, I don't know who he was. I got all the information about this particular part from reading an interview of Erika Mann.

Now that I've made al that clear, I want to thank a lot of people, here. 

God, for being so kind to me. I wish I could add a pillaiyar suzhi, here, before starting each chapter.

All you guys, the readers, the fans, are first on my human list! Every single library add and each vote means so much to me, thank you soo muchh :)

All of those people who fought to save lives, A BIG SALUTE! You are all heroes.

Erika Mann, for helping so many people escape death.

My friends - Soundi, Ali, Abdul, Sam, Shruti, Ibra, Mo and others - who were my ultimate support and my biggest fans. You guys made sure you switch on your PCs and get to each chapter as soon as I tell you I've uploaded, helped me when I was stuck in the middle. You guys helped me with my research, constantly prompted me when I was being lazy and getting behind schedule, never failed to vote, telling your other friends and families to read this, gave honest opinions. I love you all so much :)

Harini, thank you so much for writing a poem that I could use in my story. I suck at writing poems, and you were kind enough to write me one. Merci beacoup :)

The poem that I've shown as Abhay's is the one Harini wrote. I did not come up with a single verse.

Sam and I came up with an idea, while goofing around in Hindi class, of making 1.2 Billion People as series of short stories depicting different faces of India, and even wrote down the faces I should write about. Till now, I haven't come up with a 'story' for any of it, so I haven't thought much about that idea.

Mary John Miss, the coolest teacher ever to walk on this planet, for showing my trailer to the class :) Seriously, teachers cannot get cooler than her, trust me.

Fabiola Miss, my Mum at school, for all of her super support :)

Bindu Miss, for making me love writing :)

I hope you're all reading this :)

Biig shout out to my family out there! Hi, everybody :)

Shout out to all my classmates and schoolmates reading this! We go to the awesomest school ever! Be proud! :)

Claire Gannon, for being my legen-waitforit-dary editor :)

I wouldn't have done this, without you guys. I'm so proud of you, each in a different way, and love you all so much :)

I'm winding up here, finally marking the story as Completed.

Once again, I. LOVE. YOU. ALL. SOOO. MUCH.



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