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Luis' pov

"Luis if you're gonna be hooking up with me, just know you can't hook up with anyone else." Mindy said with attitude.

"You're still with Riley, so you ain't gonna be bossing me around." I replied.

"Besides after this you're gonna beg for more, I'll promise you that." I smirked.

All I heard were moans after that.
Vivian's pov

I checked my phone and saw that I had a bunch of texts from Riley:

R:Hey do you know what's going on with Mindy and that Luis kid?

R: did they have sex?

R:isn't he trying to hook up with you?

R:Do you know where he lives?

V:First off Luis and Mindy are hooking up, second I'm pretty sure they had sex, third he is not getting to me, and last I am not his stalker.

R:Oh I get it babe, you wanna save yourself for me.

V:you're real funny, I'd rather have sex with Mendoza than you.

V:Also, don't call me 'babe'



*call from unknown*

Who in the world is calling me at this time.


"Hey mami" A familiar voice said.

"How'd you get my number Mendoza?"

"I ask around"

"By any chance was it my dearest friend Daisy?"


"Ugh, Daisy" I rolled my eyes.

"Are you busy Friday?"


"Well... Since you busy Friday, how bout I take you out Saturday?"

"I'll see"

"Don't take too long to make your mind mami"

"Or what"

"I'll look for someone else"

Lord this kid is a player, don't need him in my life.

"Then look for someone else, if you're so eager to get a girl"

"C'mon Mamí do you really want me to?"

"Gotta go, bye"

*hangs up*

*calls Tony*

"Hey Vivs, what's up"

"Hey Tony, Luis tried getting at me. He's so eager to find a girl, almost desperate"

"Did he touch you" he said angrily.

"What, no. He called me"

"Oh, good he should keep it that way"

"Tell him that" I laughed.


"Vivian ya parate!" my mom yelled.

"Ya voy!" I yelled back.

I sat in the car, now waiting for my older sister Karla.

Karla was a senior, lucky her she didn't have to stay at Eden Hall any more.

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