"Get Up! You've got five minutes to get ready." Xander screamed in my ear as I rolled over in my bed and grunted. It took me a few minutes before I realized what was going on and then I quickly jumped up and fell out of bed. My ass hit the floor so hard that the bedroom shook, causing a picture to fall off of the wall. Xander crouched down in front of me and tapped his bottom lip. "Someone's in a hurry. Come on big ass." He said in a teasing tone, that made me want to reach out and slap the smirk off of his little man whore face.

I blindly reached up to my bed and snatched the closest pillow off and swung it as hard as I could at his face. Surprisingly he reached out before it could make a connection and gripped the pillow out of my reach. "You know, you make it so easy to hate you. Has anyone ever told you that before?" I scoffed as I struggled to get to my feet. I was so tired from my lack of sleep that I almost fell forward into his bare chest. " Don't you own a damn shirt?" I asked while pointing at my door in hopes that he would get the hint.

Apparently he didn't. He plopped his ass down on my clean bed and looked out the door to see what I was pointing at. "What are you pointing at? There's nothing out there." He said in a cool voice as he reached over and grabbed for my clothes that sat on the bottom of my bed. "Is this what you're wearing today?" He asked while eyeing my little black skirt with a grin.

I quickly snatched my skirt out of his hand and swung it at his face. "Is that a problem? Don't you have a shirt to go find or something, or do you go to school shirtless too?" I asked annoyed.

He stood up from my bed and his eyes lingered down to my chest. "It's a shirtless school. Didn't you get the memo?" He asked in a cocky voice as he walked towards my door. He looked back at me with a smirk on his stupid face and then he walked out shutting the door behind him.

It hasn't even been a day yet and I'm already wanting to rip someones head off. I swear that if anyone makes any pirate sounds at me, that I will be losing a shoe in someones ass. Maybe I shouldn't wear my good shoes, just in case. I reached down to my bed and snatched up my clothes to get ready for a shower. Maybe I would be lucky to enough to get through that with some peace and damn quiet.

I managed to make it to Xanders bedroom and to the shower without seeing him. I took a quick ten minute shower and then quickly threw on my black skirt and burgandy tank. I sat down on the edge of the tub and squirted some lotion to rub on my legs and arms. If I was going to have a bad day, at least I would be baby soft and looking good. After I was done with getting dressed and throwing on a little mascara, I smoothly walked back to my room to dig for my old black heels. You know, just in case I was to loose one at school. Then I grabbed my black leather bag and threw it over my right shoulder.

After taking a quick glance in the mirror, I walked out of my room expecting Xander to be ready and waiting for me. I looked around the living room and then his bedroom, his bathroom and no sight of him. Annoyed I walked through the hall. "Are you ready playboy?" I yelled to him as I poked my head into the different rooms in the house. Just when I was about to give up and get a ride with my idiot dad, I poked my head into the workout gym and there he was standing there in only his boxers with sweat dripping down his perfect chest.

He looked up at me right as he grabbed his towel and rubbed it over his shiny chest. "Stop rushing me woman. We still have about another ten minutes before we leave. I just finished my workout." He said with a slight smile on his lips. Then he threw me his wet towel and walked right past me.

"Eeww!" I whined as I dropped the wet, sweaty towel to the ground and then stomped out after him. I walked up behind him and flicked him on the back of the neck. "Just hurry up so that I can get my first day of hell out of the way." I complained as I plopped down on the couch and closed my eyes.