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77. The Night (part 1)

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"I'm sorry if it wasn't everything you wanted babe. I know I didn't follow the script, but I couldn't help it."

I smiled as I looked at my husband.

"Are you fucking serious? It couldn't have been more perfect."

His eyes met mine and he swallowed deeply before speaking.

"But the celebrant..."

"Babe, I don't give a fuck about the celebrant. She was there to make it official and she did her bit."

"Yeah, but I messed it up."

"You didn't mess anything up, you made it more personal, you made it perfect in my eyes."

"You're not disappointed?" He asked.

"God no. Why would I be? You spoke from your heart babe, about me and our little one, what could I be disappointed about?"

"Are you sure?"

"I've never been more sure in my life. I think it's protocol​ for you to fuck me now." I teased.

He gathered me into his arms and held me tight.

"I love you so much Mia."

"I love you too Jay."

"As much as I love you in this dress," he began "I really want to get you out of it now."

He helped me step out of the dress and carefully hung it up before turning his hungry gaze back to me.  His dark eyes skimmed over the lingerie and he smiled.

"Very sexy Mia Williams."

Mia Williams...I'd never tire of hearing that

"I have a present for you."  I said as he took a step towards me.

"Later.  Right now I just want to unwrap you."

I turned my back on him and he began to unlace the gorgeous white corset.

"With these laces, I'm guessing you can wear it when you're not pregnant?"  He asked as his lips brushed my shoulder.

"Aha.  And when I'm heavily pregnant."  I added and he groaned

"You're so fucking beautiful."

I laid the corset on the bed and turned to face him, his eyes immediately drawn to the platinum pendants that were attached to my nipples.

"Fuck Mia, I didn't think my dick could get any harder."  He grunted as he lightly tugged the clamps.

He knelt before me and removed my shoes before he rolled my stockings off.  He kissed my belly before lowering my panties.

I knew the instant he saw it. My panties were left around my knees as his hands wrapped around my thighs, his warm breath so close to the dangling pendant.

He growled as his fingers reached for the pendant and he read the inscription.

Forever Jay's

My panties came off so fast and I was laying on my back, my legs over his shoulders as his teeth lightly tugged at the pendant.

Then his tongue was inside me, his fingers were next and he alternated as he quickly drew the first of many orgasms from my body.

"I can't believe I found you Mia."  His voice was thick with emotion and lust as his wet lips met mine.  I could taste myself on his mouth and on his tongue, my own scent filled my nostrils as I kissed him greedily.

"We found each other."  I whispered as I pushed his jacket from his shoulders.  His clothes were tossed around the room as we both undressed him.

When his naked body was laying beside mine, a sense of calmness enveloped us.

We didn't speak as we looked into each other's eyes.  Each reading the other so perfectly.

I cupped his cheek and our lips met in a tender kiss.  His hand ran down my side until he reached my thigh and he lifted my leg and placed it on his.  Pulling me closer, he slid his dick inside me and as we kept eye contact, we made love for the first time as husband and wife.

My tears flowed as did Jays.  For all the times we had been together, I would always remember how perfect this time was.  How totally connected we were.

We ordered room service and while Jay answered the door, I took a moment to reflect on the day.  It was a small and simple wedding, but it was absolutely perfect.  There was not one thing I would have changed.

"What's that smile about?"  He asked as he walked back into the room.

"I was thinking about today and how perfect it was."

Jay's smile grew.  "It was, wasn't it?  Do you want to know the best bit?"  He asked.


"Once you feed our little one, we can get back to enjoying our perfect night."

I laughed and walked over to put on my robe.

"No Mia."  I knew that tone, it was the one that instantly made me wet.  "No clothes baby."  He said as he moved right behind me.  "I want you naked for the rest of the night."

I moaned as his lips grazed my neck.

"While you feed our little one,"  I shivered as he nipped my collarbone.  "I'm going to think about all the places my dick is going to be tonight.  All the positions my wife is going to be in when she screams my name."

Jesus, I loved it when he talked this way.

We ate in silence, my eyes fixed on Jays as they travelled over my body. I could feel the moisture between my thighs and I had no doubt Jay was aware of it.

"Are you wet Mia?" He asked as if reading my thoughts and I felt my cheeks heat.

"Yes." I whispered.

"Are you thinking of all the naughty things we're going to be doing? How I'm going to fuck your pretty little cunt?" He asked, his eyes now fixed on mine.

He knew how affected I got when he spoke to me this way.

"Yes." I whimpered.

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