I woke up at 12. Like usual. I got up with SpongeBob pajamas. Once I exited my room as did Jessie. He had on boxers and his hair all messy. He was going to the bathroom. Right before he walked in, he looked at me.

“Nice pajamas.” He smirked and shut the door. What a jerk face. At least I had on clothes! I looked at myself in the hall mirror. My eyeliner stayed. And so did my messy ponytail. I headed downstairs.

“Morning sleepy head. Keith went to work already and I have to host a meeting until 4. Will you be okay or do you want to come with me? Jessie will be here.” “No thanks. I don’t want to intrude. I’ll just unpack and rest. Eat for sure.” “Okay love. You’re missing out.” She hugged me. “Bye Sel!” She called out the door. “Bye Bri!” I headed toward the kitchen.

I saw eggs and bread. Scrambled eggs and toast sounded nice. I started cooking. Once I got out my toast Jessie slammed his fists on the table. It made me jump. “Listen. You stay outta my way I’ll stay outta yours. I don’t want any part of your little fun winter with your cousin.” “Someone needs friends.”

“Sorry not my fault they all died!” He stomped off.

Ah crap! I really got to think of what the worst answer people can say. I dropped the knife and went upstairs. I heard his door slam so I knew he was in his room. I was about to knock and yell but I heard something.

Was he- crying? Oh my God I’ve never heard a guy cry before. I ran in my room and dialed Tibby. I miss the sun. I thought as I waited for her to pick up. Listening to Falling In Reverse's Pick Up the Phone. Tib's favorite song.

Haha she loved her rock music, and Ronnie Radke..

 Since it is summer in America, it was winter here. I missed the sun.


I was in my room with a pillow over my head. No one knew the meaning of sleep. I always slept till 12 and it was so much earlier! “Don’t you guys ever sleep?” I yelled.

Then I started hearing my phone go off. My favorite song is the only reason I didn't yell first of all. Oh! Maybe it’s a friend! I jumped up and answered it. “Hello?”

“Oh my God Tibby!” Selena! “What?” “I think I just made a guy cry.” I laughed.

“Did I rub off on you?” “No I mean really. He was really mad and I said ‘you should get some friends’ and he said they all died and now he’s crying in his room.”

“Selena! Why would you do that?” “I didn’t know! I feel bad what should I do?!” “Go talk to him! Say sorry I don’t kno-wait. Why is there a guy at Brianna’s?”

“Because Brianna’s boyfriend is keeping his cousin. But they’re both at work and I’m here alone with him.” “How old is he?” “I don’t know! He looks 16 maybe 17.”

“Aye honey is he cute?” I looked around to make sure no one heard me say that.

“Well, he’s a babe let’s leave it at that.” “Lucky. It’s so boring down here!” Then I heard a yell from the kitchen. “Tibby come on honey get ready we got places to go. People want to see you.”

“Tib! Tibby!” “What- huh? Oh sorry Selena. Dude they’re taking me out to show me off like a freaking piece of art.” “No! I don’t know what to do!” “Selena! If you weren’t in Australia I would kill you right now! Go talk to him! I gotta go before I get in trouble. Love you.” “Love you too.” She hung up.