Chapter 6: Stupid Demyan!

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....OTL atleast my Demyan is spelled differently.........I think.


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P.S here's the link to Greyhound by Swedish House Mafia, itd be great if you listened to the song while reading the first paragraph to get a better feel ^u^

Chapter 6: Stupid Demyan!

The sound of “Greyhound” by The Swedish House Mafia rung through the mall, the thick beating bass and the high pitched melody surrounded me drifting me into a perfect trance as the music weaved it's hypnotism on me. I danced, swinging my hips, thrashing my hair like there was no such thing as tomorrow, and one only had a moment to live. I swayed and danced and swung around to the tune of the song as reality and dream became intertwined. The sweet, thick, dark, beating harmony then rose into a catchy tune of high toned synth. Then symbols were added in leading up then slowing down ever so slowly into the hypnotizing, dark, heavy beat once again, like a wave it grew faster and faster washing over the whole audience until everyone was caught up, dancing their hearts out to the climax of the beat becoming crazy and loose as the beat went on. I felt some guy dancing behind me, not really caring much who it was I spun around and latched my arms around his shoulders and dancing with him until the song came to a slow stop. Looking up I realized Hattie was no where to be seen. I assumed she probably went dancing with a bunch of different people and got separated.

I shrugged, they were about to get into their next song anyways. Smiling to myself I remembered her dancing, she looked like she was having fun letting all of the stress and emotions roll off of her soothing herself under the influence of the music.

The next song started up, the catchy beat of “Velocity” by Subvibe resounded all over transforming tired dancers into caffeine-high crack heads. I felt a pair of arms wrap around me and I peered up slightly less than caring, my eyes were met with a pair of dark orbs and a smirk and high cheekbones. I instantly stiffened. In return, the man chuckled at me.

“Naww, don’t be like than kitty, loosen up and have some fun!”

He winked at me. I knew he was right though, this was MY night out and I’ll be damned if I don’t have a good time. Loosening up a bit, I danced with him and let him lead me. Soon enough I was laughing and smiling as he spun me around and led me into some crazy dance moves always spinning me back tight into his chest. Having so much fun, I had almost forgotten who this man was.

“Viktor, I think I’m going to take a breather!”

I exhaled laughing into his chest. He smiled back down at me nodding.

“I’ll accompany you sweetie, don’t want the little kitten to get lost.”

I rolled my eyes.


We reached the back of the concert area where the drinks were at. I ordered water as he bought a “Redbull” energy drink. We sat down at one of the tables, from here we could see the stage, Subvibe was leaving and the lights dimmed as the next and final performers were making their entrance onto the stage. The screams of fan girls rose and it was completely silent (other than the fan girls), demanding more attention, demanding more love before the dynamic musical duo revealed themselves. I rolled my eyes

Why am I not surprised…


Another rabid fan girl screamed, and soon after another followed;


I chuckled turning my attention back to Viktor as the music started with a bang and the lights illuminated the whole mall revealing the shadows of two masked figures.

S7Y F0X and K33N W01F

“Are you a fan?”

Viktor motioned to the stage. I nodded slightly.

“Of the music not the people.”

Viktor let out a short laugh.

“Wow, that’s a first. It seems you do pretty well around celebrities, Demyan hadn’t mentioned anything bad about you to Father.”

I smiled slightly.

“Well, only celebrities that I don’t care for, if I was to see celebrities I admire, that would be a different story.”

I gave a laugh. Viktor raised an eyebrow looking slightly offended.

“Don’t be a baby Viktor, It just takes more than a pretty face for me to respect someone.”

He looked back at me interested.

“Who is this person you admire.”

I turned my head defiantly while blushing madly.

“I-I won’t tell you!”

He scooted in closer to me, resting his head on his hand and his elbow on the table.

“And why is that kittennn?”

He drug out the pet name cooing at me in a low voice right next to my ear.

“Be-because you might know the person and that would be terrible!”

Viktor tilted his head curiously.

“Why so?”

“Because you would scare him off!”

I half yelled in frustration. Viktor stared at me appalled until he started to laugh gasping for air. I was partially enraged at his laughter, his ego must be huge!

“You tend to have that affect on people.”

I sneered at him. He raised an eyebrow. Smirking lazily he took my chin and looked at me for a moment before replying in a matching lethargic tone.

“Oh do I?”

His deep obsidian eyes bore into my own hazel ones, his lips set in a sexy smirk as if trying to hypnotize me with his looks to get me to reply with an appealing answer to him. I wasn’t going to have it!

“Yes. You. Do.”

I answered smirking victoriously when my voice didn’t crack. Viktor placed his hand on my cheek tsking.

“What a pity, this kitty is being a bad kitty, whatever shall I do to punish her?”

He tilted his head pushing up his eyebrows and smirking his full lips in mock sorrow. He leaned in, ever so slowly. I was pushed back in my chair as far as I could go squeezing my eyes closed. Suddenly I felt a burst of hot air brush against my face.


I squeaked. I opened my eyes cautiously at Viktor's deep chuckle.

“How cute, kitten flinched.”

He leaned back, his dark eyes still boring into my own.

I tried at a evil glare but it didn’t seem to affect him…figures. I focused my attention back to the stage, the two brothers had so much energy it seemed to surge into the crowd, or was it the other way around? Peyton hopped around shouting back and forth to the crowd. How were Peyton and Viktor even friends anyways? I mean Viktor is such a laid-back kind of personality (despite his flirtyness), and Peyton is so outgoing. I looked back at Viktor, after a moment he noticed I was staring at him and he raised an eyebrow, as if questioning me why I was staring at him.

“How are you and Peyton friends?”

Viktor shrugged.

“I dunno.”

“Don’t avoid the question”

I shot him a glare and he gave an appalled chuckle.

“Hmm…well, I guess we just get along well. Peyton isn’t boring, that’s for sure.”

I nodded thinking a bit more.

“Why don’t Demyan and Peyton get along?”

“Because Demyan hates me.”

“But what does that have to do with anything?”

I thought aloud in confusion.

“Think about it. Peyton and I are best friends, why would Demyan want to be friends with someone who hangs around me a lot.”

“I guess that makes since. Why does Demyan hate you so much though?”

Viktor stretched in his chair leaning back onto the table, his obsidian eyes piercing mine.

“Brother rivalry. He can never quite reach my level even he tries.”

Viktor simply stated like it was fact. Somehow it annoyed me a bit.

“What level does he have to reach? Why can’t he just be happy with where he is??”

I said a bit aggravated.

“Heck if I know.”

Viktor shrugged not really caring. After a moment of music whisking between us he looked back at me with a glint of mischief in his black eyes. I looked back at him wearily.

“So are you into Demyan?”

My eyebrows furrowed together in confusion.

“What do you mean?”

“Are you attracted to Demyan?”

“N-No! I hardly even know him!”

Viktor tilted his head a bit confused. I sighed.
“I have to know a person to like them, to know their bad points and good points and love them for all the good as well as the bad things about them. Attraction is good, but in the end if all I feel is attraction toward a guy and no love, what’s the point of dating him? I want to date a guy that I really love and am not just attracted to.”

I smiled at him.

“But can’t you get hurt?”

“Of course I may get hurt, but to find that one person I am going to have to take that risk, plus if I do get hurt I’ll just pick myself back up and move on. It's dumb to try and go out of my way to avoid getting hurt when in the end the only way to find a guy I’ll love is to open myself up to him.”

“That’s easier said than done.”

“I know.”

I admitted smiling softly looking at the ground.


Viktor’s eyes were clouded over deep in thought.


I questioned curious. He smirked at me devilishly.

“It’s nothinggg kitten.”

He drug out obviously hiding something. It kind of peeved me.

“Tell me!”

I demanded leaning closer to him. Like a dog to a cat he swooped in and took my face in his hand keeping it close next to his.

“Well if you really want to know kitten…”

he cooed to me in my ear in return I repressed a shiver.


“I was just thinking…..that girls like you these days are a rare breed…”

He paused as if to think. Slowly his full lips turned into a heart stopping smirk.

“It kind of makes me want to catch you and keep you all to myself…”

He mumbled so quietly, if it wasn’t for his deep raspy voice I wouldn’t have heard him.

What a womanizer!


I grumbled accusingly at him. In turn he chuckled smoldering at me through those deep, dark, orbs; melting me like chocolate with that devious smirk.
“You just make it too tempting for me….kitten.”

He purred to me in his deep, smooth voice. He leaned in slowly, thinking it was a trick I kept on waiting for him to pause and laugh at me again. I realized it wasn’t a trick he came in slowly closer and closer. I could smell his intoxicating cologne.

Is that “Fierce?" It smells really good, I mean like if chocolate was a cologne it would be “Fierce," I can’t get enough of that smell, seriously! NO! Chenoa stop, we have problems at hand and you are seriously thinking about his cologne; are you crazy?!...I’m not going to answer that.

I was about to push him away but before that happened I heard an angry voice.

“Viktor, what the hell are you doing…?!”

I didn’t know whether to feel happy or grateful at the sound of the voice, I guess I was a bit of both….until I realized who the voice was.

DEMYAN, SHIT! …Pardon my French.

I looked up, my hazel eyes wide as saucers clashing with bright, green eyes narrowed and obviously extremely pissed off. Viktor smiling, hung a arm around my shoulder looking up at Demyan in a proud mocking voice he said as if a statement;

“Oh! Demyan. Glad you could join us, Chenoa and I were just….getting to know each other.”

Viktor chuckled his eyes full of malice. Demyan’s jaw tensed in an obvious sign that he was now beyond pissed. In one swift motion Demyan grabbed me from Viktor’s hold and swung me over his shoulder. Demyan, quiet and angry, stormed out of the concert area. He carried me all the way to his car and threw me in the passenger’s side.

“Demyan!” I shouted for the billionth time as he got in the driver’s side of his Bentley Hunaudieres.


He shouted back unable to contain his frustration.

“What the heck are you doing??”

I motioned to myself in his car. He looked at me for a moment.

“Kidnapping you.”

He replied his eyes narrowed and smirking dangerously. I sighed and rubbed my temples.

“You can’t be serious...”

“Too bad baby, cuz’ I am.”

He replied simply while backing out of the parking spot and zooming off at about a million miles per hour. After a moment of silence he broke it like a hammer to ice.

“Did he kiss you?”

“Demyan, that’s not-“
“I said did he kiss you?”

He replied in a slow tone looking at me with narrowed eyes dangerously. I knew it was a yes or no question.




“So he DID kiss you?!”

“No, Demyan! NO. He. Did. Not. Kiss. Me.”

I grumbled.

“Geez, do I have to spell it out for you?”

He sighed rubbing his temples with his free hand.

“No, Chenoa.”

A moment of silence went by until he spoke again.

“You really scared me Chenoa. It’s like once I think you are all mine, you prove me wrong, like every time I end up at a conclusion about you, you have to go and do the opposite.”

He said more to himself than me.

“Demyan, I-”

“Chenoa please, just save me the excuses.”

He replied in a crestfallen mumble. My heart sank. Silence weaved its way between us, like a wave engulfing every thought of ours. He finally stopped at my apartment. Silently I got out. I had to say something to him before I closed the door, my grip tightened on the side of the door.


I said, catching his attention then pausing, I took a breath.

“Please don’t have that look on your face, it doesn’t suit you. I really like your smile, more than I'll ever admit.”

I smiled sadly at him before closing the door and heading inside my apartment. I leaned on the door after closing and locking it. Slowly, I deflated into a curled up ball, my eyes watered.

How is he doing this to me? Why do I feel so bad that I disappointed him, I don’t even like him!

I buried my head in my knees

‘You really scared me Chenoa. It’s like once I think you are all mine, you prove me wrong, like every time I end up at a conclusion about you, you have to go and do the opposite.’

His voice echoed in my mind.


I screamed in frustration, my knees working as a silencer.

Why!? Why do I feel so bad!?

My eyes watered.


I screamed in my mind knowing it was far from the truth. My whole body feeling numb I got up and walked slowly over to the bathroom, I knew what I needed was a hot bath. While the bath was filling up, I grabbed my phone texting Hattie, she was probably wondering where I was.

“Hey, sorry that I disappeared, I got a diff ride home, C: have a great time, ttyl!”

I txted her, I didn’t want to ruin her night with my drama; I decided I’d just talk to her later about it. As I sunk into the water my body relaxed and I let out a deep sigh. Stress was rolling off my body like the steam of the water. I closed my eyes taking in the warmth.


My phone vibrated on the tile. I looked over for a moment.

It’s probably Hattie…

Then I reached out into the bitter cold to check it.

The number wasn’t in my phone, soon enough I figured out why.

“Hey, sorry I was a bit on edge… I don’t know what you do to me Chenoa….-Demyan.”

It took a moment for me to register the text in my brain. Once it clicked, I almost dropped my phone in the water.


I looked over the text again. Sighing, I mumbled to myself.

“No, I think it’s the opposite Demyan.”

Then I flipped open the dinosaur and texted him back.

“It’s okay, don’t sweat it C: ! Btw how’d you get my # >_>…?”

After a couple minutes he texted back;

“…I have my ways ; )….”

I glared at the vague text.

“Stupid Demyan!”

I growled at the phone.


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