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Screams penetrate my ears echoing on as if stuck on replay, it was all around me, so was the fire that was closing in on me ready to consume my body the lick of flames so close that I could feel the heat lash out across my skin. Closing my eyes I imagine forcing them away, sweat forming on my brow as I concentrate so hard though when I open my eyes I see the flames dim ever so slightly, flickering as pushing against my magic, soon they dim away completely my will to save the others were too strong. The pleads and screams had got louder and that wasn’t what made my skin crawl with fear it was the fact there was less screams, the rest were motionless on the floor all life and soul sucked from them. My village was covered in uncontrollable flames caused by the Nerrezza family, a dark family keen to swipe out their own kind to gain strength and power.

“Oh, Lilia, why do you have to fight against your fate?” I turn around coming face to face with a Nerrezza, the black raven hair and ghostly grey eyes was all I needed to confirm she was one of them. I felt her power swell up inside her before she unleashed it upon me, thick, dark and ugly nothing like my magic that was light and full of sweet bliss. The pain shot through me like a current of electric, shaking and forcing me against my will ……

My heart is in my throat as I quickly sit up and examine my dark, dreary bedroom. There was nothing here, no flames, no screams just the shadows of objects as the moon gleams in through the long arched windows. It was just a dream. My heart beat begins to deteriorate and as I take the now warm glass of water from my bed stand I can’t detain the shakes trembling through my body. It had felt so real. I take small sips from the glass trying to push away the unwelcomed thoughts.

Glancing over at the small digital alarm clock while setting the glass down, the luminous red numbers tell me it was just gone two, sighing heavily I lay my head down on the pillow willing sleep to come take me under its reins, fear and paranoia settle into me as I close my eyes scared that the dream would return. Stop being so stupid, I grumble at myself, and after a restless battle I fall asleep only to be disturbed by the alarm clock singing out ‘I’m walking on sunshine’, it had seemed like I had closed my eyes only for a second. I had brought the alarm because I thought it would be fun waking up to a cheery eighties song but now, now it was just God damn annoying.

Swinging my arm out of the covers I try and find the button to the alarm clock, knocking things of the bed side table as I do, finally I turn it off and grumble a sigh into my pillow. Just five more minutes, it won’t hurt. Closing my eyes once again I let myself be dragged into the comfort of sleep, it felt so nice that a smile comes to my face as the warmth and comfort soothes me. It was shortly lived by my mother walking in and throwing back the white netted curtains.

“Rise and shine.” Grumbling I push my head further into the pillow trying to block away the winter sun taunting me. The bed dipping as my mother sits beside me running her hand through the knots of my caramel hair.

“You need to start plating your hair before you go to bed, it’s gotten to long for you to neglect now.” She was right of course, it was nearly hip length and it was becoming a bastard to comb through in the morning, especially if I was in a rush, I guess the waviness of it didn’t help to the factor too. Though out of the whole conversation what surprised me was her lack of celebration. 

“Is that all you have to say to me?” Turning my face from my pillow and looking up at her, eyes full of amusement; they were the same colour of mine an emerald green. The eye colour of a family was a way us witches could tell who was in whose family. We were Humbia’s the strongest of them all.

“No, I don’t think there is.” A small smile fighting on her lips, giving her my look of I’m not in the mood she cracks and a smile lights her face.

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