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A few terms found all throughout the book that may confuse you:

01. ONUS — an Onus is a mark found in a person's body. It gives the person power and limitless potential. There are two types of Onus: the Lesser Onus and the Greater Onus.

02. SENTINELS — a group of people tasked to protect mortals and Sentinels alike from the onslaught of the Sentients.

03. SENTIENTS — a group of people who believe that mortals are inferior, and the ones who possess an Onus should be at the top.

04. HERETIC — a person, either a Rogue or a Sentinel or a Sentient, who is neutral on the conflict.

05. PHANTOMS — assassins for hire.

06. MINDSCAPE — a person's mental range; his mental landscape;

07. PSYCHE — a person's soul or mind; his personality which influences his decisions.

08. ASTRAL PROJECTION — the ability to project one's soul or consciousness to the astral plane.

09. ASTRAL PLANE — the plane beyond the physical realms; divided into 7 planes called the Planes of Existence.

10. ANATHEMA RITES — the most severe punishment of the High Order; the forceful banishment of one's soul into the spiritual plane.

11. ASTRAL DUEL — a duel held in the astral plane

12. SOLSTICE GAMES — a trifecta tournament held once a year; the only event where Sentinels and Sentients alike are allowed any form of interaction.

13. MAYA MARELOK’S DAGGER OF DEATH — mystical dagger of the ancient sorceress Maya Marelok said to be able to kill anything upon contact.

14. COUNCIL OF THE HIGH ORDER — council which oversees judgement and law for all magical beings


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