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Lui's pov

I'm stuck. Awesome. I've kept my secret hidden for almost all of my life. Then I get stuck as a cat. A FUCKING CAT.

Now I'm up for adoption. I'll never see my friends again. I'll never see my home.

I'll never play anymore games. This sucks. All because I'm stuck.

I pace around the cage a bit. The other cats are either asleep or licking themselves.

Adoption starts tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll be going off with some stranger. Who wouldn't want a brown cat with yellow eyes?

I huff and lay down. My tail swishing behind me.

Noglas pov.

I scroll threw my Twitter feed. There's a bunch of we miss Lui and shit like that.

I sigh and look at the roof. Where the fuck could he be?

Many people suspect something between me and him. I'm not sure about Lui but I have a crush on the pip squeak.

I look down at my phone as it vibrates. I click open the link and it brings me to a website on a adoption starting Tomorrow.

Why the fock not? I could use a bit of company.

I screen shot the website. Should I invite someone? My mind automatically thinks of Lui but he's not an option.

What 'bout Evan? I go to my messages.

Me; hey tomorrow u busy?

E; yeah sorry.

Ohms in town...

Me; hey ohm u busy tomorrow?

Ohm; no y?

Me; I'm going to an adoption thing tomorrow wanna join?

Ohm; yeah sure what time?

Me; I'll pick u up at the hotel bout 2?

Ohm; sure but I'm at Bryces rn...

Me; is brohm finally a thing?

Ohm; shut the fuck up whatever. X u at 2.

I turn my phone if and put it on the nightstand. 

After tomorrow I won't alway be alone.

I sigh and get comfortable in bed.

Soon sleep over takes my mind.

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