Chapter 5: Phone Call

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Previously On Coach's Little Girlfriend:

After the video that they watched on Sex-Ed Class. Finn asked everyone, that he hoped they had learn something. And his girlfriend respond a really inappropriate answer behind his back. 

 "Bye, Mr. Hudson" Rachel smirked. She was on his lap. She started to get up, suddenly Finn slap her ass purposely. Rachel gigled. And went to leave. She blow him kiss which he acceptedly pretended to catch it. Rachel gigled more and shake her head then leave. 

"Ahhh" Finn sighed loudly "I seriously love that girl"


Its been a week since, the day Rachel found out her boyfriend is one of her teachers. They are still going strong and all smutty here and there, you know what I mean. They tried to avoid each other for one day, but it turns out to be one of the hardest day of their lives. They can't just keep there hands off each other. For them that would be like tortured.

Thursday Night. Finn got a really exciting news, that he wants to share it with someone so badly. So he called the first person that pops out from his head.

"Hello?" A tired voice said from his phone

"Hey babe, did i woke you up?" Finn said guilty.

"Kind of" His girlfriend said that sounds like shes about to doze off.

"Oh My God!,,im so sorry, I can call you later" Finn said felt guilty. 

"No, No" Rachel said shouted a little. "Its ok, you can tell me"

"What makes you think, I was going to tell you something?" He smirked eventhough she couldn't see it. "What if I just want to say I love you or Hi to my beautiful girlfriend?" 


"Ok, so here it is" Finn said getting excited to tell her.

"What is it?" Rachel asked impatienly.

"YOUR LOOKING AT THE NEW FOOTBALL COACH" Finn shouted proudly throught the phone.

"Finn im calling you, not looking" Rachel said simply.


"Im soo proud of you baby" Rachel sighed proudly.

"I know Im proud of me too" Finn grinned. Rachel rolled her eyes playfully.

"So wait, your not the Sex-Ed Teacher anymore?" Rachel said a little sad. Finn sighed sadly.

"Apparently not, atleast i get to see you during practice" Finn smirked. Rachel blushed. "Wearing your cheerleading uniform, and if someone look at you, like they want to eat you, they'll taste the Finn's punch hand" Finn grinned proudly. Rachel giggled, suprisingly not that tired.

"Don't worry babe, I already have this guy that stole my heart" Rachel chuckled slightly. Finn blushed.

"Oh, who is this guy. Is he good looking, do I know him?" Finn said fake clenching his teeth from anger.

"Very good looking. Hes tall, and reall awkward but thats one of things I love about him. He has dimple that you just want to dive in it, and he has this smirk, that your knees gets really weak. His really clumsy sometimes. And lastly his really hot" Rachel said proudly. Finn's cheek are really red, that he looks like a tomato.

"I love you soo much" He sniffled. Rachel was confused.

"Are you crying?" Rachel asked. 

"Pffftt..nooo" Finn denied.

"Ok then, GTG, its getting late" Rachel yawned. "Oh, and I love you too. bye Mr. H" She said teasingly.

"Bye, babe, Love you" He hangs up.

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