33- Cutting Mountains

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Percy's PoV:

Suddenly I fell a pull and a sharp pain struck my head. I tightened my grip on Grover and Thalia who was nearest to me, I just hoped that they did the same with Clarisse. Suddenly I saw a light. A very bright light. I blinked and white dots appeared in my vision. My head was still throbbing painfully. Before I could do anything, I felt chains wrap around me tightly and I lost my grip on Grover and Thalia. The chains were so heavy that I fell to my knees.

"You thought that you could get away that easily, Perseus?" I heard a throaty laugh. The voice made me cringe. I did my best to blink the white dots away and saw that I was in a forest.

In front of me were three big men. The one in the middle wore a helmet with horns of a ram sticking out from the sides, the one on the left had a silver outfit on and the one on the right glowed brighter than the sun. I realized that the third guy was the one emitting all the light and heat, when in fact, it was nighttime. It was a miracle that the things around him didn't catch fire yet.

"Who are you?!" I struggled against the chains. But the fatigue from the last fight made it hard.

"You don't remember us, brother?" The man wearing the silver outfit asked me with a soft voice, well the softest a man's voice can be. I swear he could have easily passed for a hunter because of the silver outfit. And then I felt a pang in my chest. I didn't know if Artemis got to camp alright.

"Iapetus, can't you ever get rid of that soft spot for him?!" The shiny man said. Iapetus? Soft spot? But I don't know him. I am sure that the three of them are the allies of Kronos. And if they are calling me 'brother', they might be the brothers of Kronos!

"Stop acting like you know me! Release me from these chains instead of acting like cowards!" I glared at them. The shiny man roared.

"Don't you call us cowards!" He advanced to me with his fiery gold spear but Iapetus stopped him with his silver one.

"No Hyperion! We had an agreement! If you hurt him, I won't help you!" The shiny man, Hyperion, backed away unwillingly, still glaring daggers at me.

"If only that measle of a general managed to capture him, I wouldn't have to deal with this petty god." Hyperion muttered. That made me feel a little better inside.

"Where are my friends?!" I shouted at them. I was worried about what happened to them. After they disrupted my teleportation, I lost hold of them.

"Lucky for you, we only got hold of you and let them take a message to your camp. They are useless to us anyway." The man with the ram horns said. I sighed with relief that they were safe.

"What do you want then?!" I was tired of talking. I had to end this and get back to my friends.

"Just something simple. Help us and we might let you go." The ram horns man said casually. I knew that they wouldn't let me go, so I had to get myself out by my own.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked as calmly as possible.

"Cut that mountain off." Hyperion said while pointing at something at my back with his spear. I turned myself around as much as I could and saw that he was pointing at a big mountain not so far away from where we were. My eyes widened. Are they crazy?! Well maybe. Who has such bad fashion sense anyway. But, cutting a whole mountain off?! What will happen to the mortals?! Not mentioning the fact that the mountain is huge, I'm not sure about my powers and the trouble I'll get into.

"No way would I do that! Do you think I'm crazy?!" The ram horn guy smirked.

"Bring her in." He boomed. A cyclops came towards us carrying an unconscious girl with a long bloody scar on her right arm that was dangling at her side. My temper flared when I saw who it was.

"No! Let her go!" I struggled fiercely against the chains.

"I don't think so. Help us and we will let her go." He said. I had no other choice. I had to do what they said or else Artemis would be put in danger again. But if I get the chance, I'll smash that mountain on top of them.

"Fine! But take these chains away first!" Hyperion shook his head.

"I don't think so. You could do it even if you're in chains anyway. Right, Krios?" Hyperion addressed the guy in the middle. So the ram guy was Krios.

"Yes. If you want that little goddess back alive, you should move now." I gritted my teeth and did my best to stand up. "Iapetus, go with him and keep an eye on him. If in any way you'll do something else, you are going back to Tartarus." Krios gave a stern look to Iapetus. Iapetus nodded with a frown. Then he came towards me and got a hold of my chains.

"Let's go, Perseus." Iapetus said to me. We weaved through the trees towards the nearby mountain and stopped at its base. "I'll get out these chains but if you turn back, the goddess will die. So do it." Something was odd about the way he said it. It was as if he didn't mean it.

He took away my chains and I closed my eyes and sighed. I knew I was getting myself into a big mess. After taking a deep breath, I took out Riptide and grew into the biggest size I could. Then in one slash, I cut the mountain at the base. My sword went through it as easily as if it went through water. Before I could do anything else, the mountain erupted and was thrown back. I stepped back. Something so big, bigger than I could even estimate, stood up and roared. And at that, I knew I was doomed.

Word Count: 1046 (excluding A/N)
Date Published: July 28, 2017
A/N: Guys... I'M VERY SORRY. I could not update for so long because school killed me every day. I could very well say that this was the busiest month of my life. Well I got a little inspiration from the struggles I'm facing now to right another chapter. I'll try to update again but since it's exams next week, it's not sure. Until the next chapter!

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