Chat 7: Demons <3

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Satanyan created the group.

Satanyan added Chara to the group.

Satanyan: Chara Dreemurr..

Chara: Yes?

Satanyan: Let us take over the human race!

Chara: Why?

Satanyan: So we will rule the world!!!

Chara: Sure. Ok.

Satanyan: ......

Chara: What?

Satanyan: It just feels so awkward now..

Chara: Hah

Satanyan: ............

Chara: ??

Satanyan: Wanna go out for some ice cream later?

Chara: Gladly
Satanyan: Great.

Satanyan left the group.

Chara: Hopefully there's a chocolate-flavored ice cream.

Chara left the group.

Chara erased the group from exsistance.... Or just deleted it, for short.

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