Chapter 80

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Sam rushed up the stairs barely stopping for breath. Reaching her floor, he rushed forwards until he was able to push the door open. He was unsure what he was coming into, if Connie was even going to want him here. "Con?" Chucking his keys to the side, he ran inside until he noticed her in the living room. He calmed visibly when he saw Duffy already kneeling before her.

"Just in time." She smiled warmly across to Sam while Connie dropped her head backwards. "Connie?" She looked sideways slightly as he moved forwards to kneel beside her. Instantly he took her hand within his, bringing it to his lips as she looked to him, fear seemingly written across her face.

Caressing her hand, he shuffled a little closer moving a hand to run across her cheek. "You can do this, I know you can.""Sam I'm scared. I'm not ready to be a mum-" "What are you talking about? Of course you are, you're going to be the best mum I could ever imagine." He placed a hand to her cheek wiping away the few tears that had fallen before leaning down to press a kiss to her forehead.

"How's she doing?" Duffy smiled nodding as she pushed her hair back with the back of her hand. "She's doing okay, but it's about to get a lot harder. I need you to keep her calm, keep her listening." Sam nodded as he turned back to Connie keeping her hand firmly within his. "We haven't got the proper pain relief that I'd like to have given you, but this is the best we can do okay..."

Connie nodded down at Duffy before her breathing increased rapidly. "Sam I need you to keep her calm-" "Con, baby come on. Deep breathes." He ran a hand back through her hair as she kept her eyes on him, everything visible to him as he watched her. "Okay Connie on the next contraction I want you to push, okay?"

Sam smiled gently as he rubbed his thumb over the back of her hand. "You got this, you always do." Connie groaned as she felt the pain begin to spread through her once again. "Alright on 3... 1, 2, 3!" Sam was taken by surprise as he felt the force at which Connie squeezed his hand as she pushed.

The room was hot, Connie felt her hair sticking to her skin as she painted letting her head fall backwards. "I can't, I can't-" It had already been longer than she'd imagined this being and between the heat and the pain she was suffering. "Sam-" "I'm right here Connie, I'm right here and so is our baby girl. Come on Connie you can finish this." Kissing her forehead she inhaled deeply shaking her head feeling the tiredness all through her body.

Her eyes felt heavy and she could barely keep her head held up. "Duffy? Is she meant to get this tired?" She glanced up quickly before speaking up. "Okay Connie, I need you to push again for me!" She groaned lifting her head slowly causing Sam to smirk slightly. "Laugh at me and you will never, ever have sex again."

Duffy bit her lip as Connie glared at him causing him to nod. "Just focus on this right now, you can hate me later." She sighed before resting back as comfortable as she could be as she did as Duffy said.

The house was suddenly full of her loud cries as she continued to push until every ounce of energy had drained from her body. Collapsing backwards she slowly caught her breath back as the room became alive with the scratchy cries from Duffy's hands.

Sam knelt up looking towards her, his emotions worn clearly on his face as Connie looked to him. "Is she okay?" "She's perfect Connie..." Duffy wrapped her gently in a towel before leaning forwards to place her against Connie's chest.

Looking down, she inhaled sharply as she finally laid eyes on her daughter. Tears fell freely down her cheeks as she lifted a hand to her head, tenderly running a single finger across her cheek. "Hey sweetheart, hey..." Sam watched, his heart bursting with complete adoration of the sight before him.

"She's gorgeous Sam-" "She looks just like her mother." Lifting her eyes from her for the first time, she looked to Sam as he leant closer to kiss her gently. "I love you and I am so proud of you." Connie smiled as fresh tears rolled down her cheeks. Everything she never realised she'd wanted was right here in this room with her. "I love you Connie Beauchamp, and I will do anything to protect you both."

Looking down at their daughter, they both wore the same smile. "We need to name her..." Sam was mesmerised by the new face before him as Connie turned to look up at him. She watched as his gaze remained on her unwavered. She waited until he noticed her attention was him before smiling, lifting a hand to his cheek. "Grace..." "Hmm?" Sam looked down at their baby once again with a small smile. "Her name, Grace?"

Connie smiled as she too turned back to look down. "Grace... I like it, I think it suits her... Grace Strachan-" "Connie-" "She should have her fathers name, not the name of someone she doesn't even know." Sam ran his hand over her cheek seeing something else in her face. "What's wrong?" "I just never imagined having a child, a family like this."

Sam smiled as he ran his hand softly over Grace's head. "Yeah well you better start believing it Mrs Beauchamp... What? Did I say something wrong?" Connie swallowed past the lump in her throat as she shook her head. "No, no I- It's just... You and Grace, you've the same name and then there's me. Still with the name of my ex-husband."

He scoffed lightly with a smirk before leaning backwards reaching for his jacket. Connie frowned before watching as he took a small box from his pocket. "I guess, you'll just have to take my name then." He opened the box carefully as she looked to him not needing to see what he held. "Sam-" "Marry me Connie."

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