The bike rolled away as Annie and Josh went flying down a hill into the forest. They hit rocks and trees on there way down. “Get over here, Ann. Quickly” Josh whispered, hiding under a bush. Annie crawled over to him and hid beside him. Her lips trembled and her breath was heavy. He put his hand over her mouth to stop the heavy noise.

“Can you see them anywhere?” One of the men called.

“No, they must have gone the other way!” Someone else replied. It was a good ten minutes before Josh said it was okay to leave the bush.

“Are you okay?” He noticed rips in her clothes from the fall.

“Am I okay! Josh you got hit” Her words were rushed as she was in so much shocked.

“It’s just my leg Ann” He tried to hide the pain but it was no use. She ran over to the backpack which fell off his back in the fall. She grabbed the tiny first aid kit which was stored at the bottom. She ran back over to the boy in pain and got out some cream. “Not that, it stings like hell” He whispered.

“It’ll get infected other whys” She replied, rolling up his trouser leg. “Oh my gosh” She gasped at his injury. She didn’t dare touch the bullet. If years of TV had pained off, it seemed the right thing to do. Slowly she started rubbing the cream on his wound before he started wincing in pain. “Im sorry, I can’t do it if your in this much pain” Annie took her hand away quickly from his injury.

“No!” He protested. “You’re right. It’ll get infected other whys. Keep going, just ignore me” She obliged and carried on, trying to ignore his painful moans. After cleaning his wound, she covered it in a bandage and rolled his trouser leg back down. “Can you pass me the bag please?” He asked softly. Once again she obliged. “Come on then. We best start making a move” He tried to pull himself up.

“You just got shot, are you crazy!” Her voice was stern as she pushed him back down.

“No we need to go” He struggled but was in to much pain to argue.

“We can go, where ever it is we are going, tomorrow”

It wasn’t long before the skies got dark and air got cold. Annie unrolled the one sleeping bag in the bag and helped Josh into it.

“Why do I have the bag?” He laughed.

“Because, you’ve been keeping me alive” He used a rock as a pillow and Annie settled down about 2 meters from him. He didn’t say anything just watched she shivered and tried to sleep.

“Annie? Can you do me a favour?” He asked soft.

“Sure” You could tell how tired she was by the tone of her voice.

“Come sleep with me in here, it’s quite lonely” He smirked. He could tell by her hesitation that he was not convincing enough. “Im not asking Annie. You’re cold, come here” Slowly she got up and walked towards a smiley Josh. She got into the small sleeping bag and snuggled down. He put his arm around her. Without thinking she snuggled into his chest.

“Where are off then?” She mumbled, eyes dropping heavily.

“I’ll tell you in the morning”

“Please tell me you know” She giggled.

“You have very little faith in me, you know that Miss Scott”

“Okay, okay, sorry Mr Hutcherson” She replied sarcastically. “Good night” Was the last thing they said.


“There’s some food in the bag” Josh said as Annie climbed out of the sleeping bag and wondered to the bag. Josh, with his bag leg stayed in the bag. She pulled out the only food in the backpack, two tins of beans. She wasn’t fussed on beans but Annie was so hungry she would eat anything. They opened the beans and eat them cold.

“This is foul” Annie laughed.

“I’ll get us a proper meal for us tonight and a comfier place to sleep” He promised.

“Are you sure you want to walk today, I mean you did get-‘’ She began.

“Thanks for stating the obvious, Again! Im fine Annie and were going as soon as were finished food” He snapped. She swallowed hard and looked at the tin of beans. “I didn’t mean it like that”

“Well it doesn’t matter” Was her reply. “Can we just go” Her eyes were filling up. She stood up and started wondering towards the direction Josh said they were going. Quickly she dried her eyes when she heard a moaning sound from Josh. He was struggling to stand up. She sighed before helping him slowly up and put the bag on his back. She supported his bad.

“We need to get to the agency” He explained.

“What!” She nearly took her arm from around him in shock, causing him to stumble.

“My parents are part of the agency! They’ll help us find them, and sort my leg out”

“How far?” She asked.

“If we had the bike I’d be less but I’d say three-four mile walk” And he couldn’t have been more right! By the time they got to office building in the middle of no where, Josh and Annie were both sweating and tired.

“Is- Is this it?” Her breathing was heavier than when they fell down the hill. He could see she was about to collapse any minute in exhaustion.

“Come on Ann, we can see it. We’ll get my parents back then we can go home. Few more steps.” 

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