Chapter 13

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[Add's POV]

"Taking this at point-blank range? Die!"

Add raised his hand and his Dynamos released energy that stun anyone in a large radius made a dimensional rifts and causing mass hysteria. It already made 4 hits on Ain but Ain doesn't look like he's injured much

"Augh! T-this power....."

"Now extend!"

By extending Paranoia's original time Add's feet vanishes slowly but only 1 second has passed which made Ain chuckle

"I-is this all? N-now this is will END. End of the World(Ende der Welt)."

Ain didn't care much even though he's being hit multiple times by the Paranoia and sliced through the Paranoia using his Scythe and the gigantic seed of Chaos starts to open slowly

"This is the end."

"I-I won't let it!"

Add being in the center of the Paranoia is slowly receiving damage from the seed of chaos as it opens which made him scream in pain but amidst the pain he felt something on his hand. It was Glaive the mask.

"He said this will appear when I need we will see!"

Add put on the mask and closed his eyes but as he closed his eyes he felt no pain and it went completely silent. This made him uncomfortable and he opened his eyes

"Finally used it huh?"

It was Luto in his chair floating in the darkness same as Add

"What is this place? I thought you vanished when you were hit by the strong wave of defiled Henir energy?"

"No. Rather my time was up."

"What do you mean?"

"There's a reason I entrusted the mask onto you. Do you think I don't know that Raven is wiser than you? Or Rena would at least think about the good of everyone rather than herself"

"So why DID you gave the mask to me then?"

"Fool. Can you not see that I had given it to myself?

"You gave it to me not yourself."

"Think outside the box"

Add looked down and thought of what he said.

"Last time you said the seal of time cannot be used on Henir because you've tried right? And I'm the only one you taught how to break dimensions and even Aisha can destroy dimensions if you taught her...."

"Yes. Yes young boy now sum it all up"

"You're not're me!"

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