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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 8

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Hello love bugs!!!! Love knows that you guys are probably tired of having to wait SO long before Love uploads but there's only four more weeks of school left for Love so this summer will be full of TristenxDeath action!!!! >.< Otay?? Otay!

Well here it is, Chapter 8


Death's POV

I suspected that my new wife would be either sick or dead by the time I returned home. They all seem to die off in the winter and I have no complaints for it. I took my time returning home. The snow was falling and its soft crunch of it giving way under my shoes relieved me of months of stress and put my mind at ease.

            It was late when I returned to the mansion and yet there were so many lit rooms. As I stepped to the gates of my estate, I felt my heart heave. I paused and clenched my chest. How strange. I thought to myself as pain from my heart spread throughout my chest. I took another step towards the gate and my heart jumped. What is this? Why am I so nervous to return home? I asked myself. When I could not find the reason by myself, I ignored the pain in my chest and opened the gate. I closed it behind me before descending the long drive to my home.

            When I arrived at the front door, Thomas greeted me at the door along with the rest of the servants. At the end of the long line of servants stood Diana, Lily, and my wife – who was surprisingly healthy and well. While the girls were dressed dollishly in their usual dresses, my wife wore a black turtleneck and black jeans with socks. He stood at the bottom step with his hands in his pockets glaring at me angrily.

            “Papa! Papa!” Lily said while running to me as I gave Thomas my coat.

            “Lily, oh my darling.” I said simply while picking her up.

            “Welcome home, Papa.” Diana said happily but less childish than her little sister.

            “Diana, you’ve grown so much.” I said. Diana smiled and wrapped her arms around me as Lily wrapped her arms around my neck. I hugged my beloved daughters while watching my wife from a distance. He had not moved. He just stood there staring at us. At one point, he narrowed his eyes at me and mumbles something under his breath before heading back upstairs.

            “Papa! Papa! Mama is so nice! He’s much better than your other wives, Papa.” Lily said.

            “No he’s not!” Diana snorted.

            “Yes he is!” Lily countered.

            “Girls no arguing. It’s not lady-like.” I intervened.

            “Yes, Papa.” Diana and Lily said simultaneously. I put Lily down and the girls dragged me into the dinning room for me to eat. They both went on and on about my wife and his behavior. It was only three and a half months since I felt and yet the girls made it seem as though I were gone for a year and a half. Lily admitted to her liking of my new wife but Diana claimed she could not stand him here and wish he would just leave but she enjoyed his company. After I ate, we continued talking in the library, where my wife sat on the couch reading a book. I watched him as I spoke with the girls but he seemed to pay no mind to us even when Diana began calling him names and talking badly about him. Not once did he look at us or me for that matter.

            “Diana. Lily. It’s late and you said you wanted to go into town tomorrow. So go on to bed.” My wife said finally as he closed the book he was reading and sat it on a stack of book that I did not notice until just now.

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