phone call

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bold is haz
italics is bea

hey haz what's going-

are you and tom dating?!

i don't see why it ma-

just answer the question bea

no we aren't. why do you care?

do i have to have a reason?

yes, you do have to have a reason to call me and interrogate me when you know i'm spending time with my family

i just don't want you to get hurt

what's that supposed to mean?

look i love tom, but he doesn't really have girlfriends

what do you mean, he doesn't really have girlfriends? last i checked he has dated girls in the past

he just doesn't really have relationships with girls

is he gay?

no, god no. all i'm saying is that every relationship he's ever been in has ended in heartbreak

well thanks for the information, i guess. i don't really see how it's going to help me any, but okay

i'm sorry to have bothered you bea but i saw all the articles and stuff

didn't your parents ever tell you to not believe everything you see on the internet?

i didn't really listen

well i'm telling you now so pay attention

i always listen to you, bea

look i'm really sorry to cut this short but mom has dinner ready so i have to go. bye haz

bye bea

i see u over there harrison 🐸☕️

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