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"Saving Samuel" co-stars Tom Holland and Beatrice Ackles were spotted together in Texas

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"Saving Samuel" co-stars Tom Holland and Beatrice Ackles were spotted together in Texas. (pictured above)

They've both posted on their separate Instagram accounts about being in Texas, Ackles' home state, and Donna Ackles, Beatrice's mother, commented how excited she was to meet Tom and his pitbull Tessa. Jensen Ackles also posted on his Twitter account about visiting his home with his family. Could the family be gathering to meet Beatrice's new boyfriend?

What about Beatrice and Harrison Osterfield? Well, we don't really know the story, but soon after filming began for "Saving Samuel," it seems that their relationship slowly dwindled down to occasional comments on the other's social media posts. Was there even a relationship to begin with? Did Tom have something to do with the apparent breakup?

Well, all I can say is that I wouldn't be upset if Tom and Beatrice decided to post cute couple pictures on their social media accounts. They'd be adorable together.

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i'd like to thank my bestie sherlollys for making the manip for me. ilysm
also go check out her companion called saving samuel!!! it's amazing!!!!

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