Leonis, 1:1, 2:6, Rock Star, Part IV - 8, 9, 3

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Current day...

The trio raced from the hotel room and down a wet sidewalk filled with soaked pedestrians and umbrellas. Kanda shoved the pistol in the back of her jeans as lightning flashed above. She grabbed Ryohei and Parker by the arms, pulling them to a stop. Kanda yanked the pair of men back against the wall and threw an arm around Ryohei, planting a kiss on his cheek. She grabbed Parker by the back of his shirt and used him as a shield, holding him in front of her with her free hand. "The man in the telephone booth..."

"I see him." Parker said as a bright yellow umbrella passed by. He quickly lifted a hand to scratch his head with his fingers, temporarily blocking the view of his face as the crowd broke. "I think we need to keep moving. He looks curious."

Kanda nodded and then leaned in close to the pop star's ear. "There's another one over there. Don't look," she whispered and tilted her head toward a man leaning up against the corner of a tattoo parlor in a weak attempt to stay dry. The Yakuza thug's white suit appeared to dance as it reflected the blinking, pulsing neon lights that hung overhead. "Let's join the crowd. Follow me and don't look back."

    "Yeah, okay, I get it...no looking," Ryohei said gripping Kanda's hand as she pulled him through the throngs of people milling about. "But, you know our ride's back down the other street."

    When the opportunity came, Kanda steered the two men out of the river of people and down an alley. "Your flashy black SUV is the one place we cannot go right now. I guarantee Wada has men watching it. I'm surprised they haven't spotted us, yet."

    "Maybe it's the storm?"

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    "Maybe it's the storm?"

    Kanda nodded in acknowledgement. "Maybe...um, who are you, again?"

    "My name is Parker."

    "Okay, Parker. Interesting day in Tokyo for you, I imagine? I hope you manage to live long enough to see some of the sights."

    "Right. Honestly, I'm ready to get the hell out of here," one shaky Parker said, looking skyward. He was hoping the moon was waxing in his and Horo's favor even though the roiling gray storm clouds were occluding the celestial object. "I'm going to take off and get as far from here as possible if that's alright with you guys?"

    "Yes, you should leave, but I would stay with us just a bit longer. Let me guide all of us out of here safely," Kanda said. "Those men you saw hanging around ...they're Wada's personal detail. I have already spotted two more of them and they are no one you wish to tangle with. He must be trying to keep all of this under wraps or we would already be up to our necks with Yakuza."

The trio quickly turned their heads as they heard the booming voice of a man echoing between the buildings...a voice screaming Kanda's name.

"We need to get off the street," Kanda said, her eyes darting around. She extracted the pistol from her waistband and then tossed the weapon in a nearby dumpster.

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