Leonis, 1:1, 2:6, Rock Star, Part III - 8,7,3

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Four days before Parker's arrival...

Wada Izo growled as he watched the video recording of the pop star and Kanda standing with their faces pressed together in the hotel parking lot. After the singer's hush-hush appearance at Kanda's birthday party, the two had become inseparable, but in a very strange way. They were extremely secretive about the relationship, which to Wada, was very odd for someone as fame addicted as Ryohei was made out to be. In fact, the couple took many precautions to make sure they were never seen in public together. It appeared nothing was out of the question to keep it that way, either, from wearing ridiculous sunglasses and hats to hanging out together at the park on a bench but never actually sitting next to each other. It was as if they were always mindful of the ever-watchful lenses of the paparazzi. The Yakuza on the other hand were the ones they should have been concerned with; for societal laws did not limit them like those flashbulb-popping vultures. Wada, as saiko komon, used this power to stay ever informed of the couple's whereabouts and odd behavior...and since Kanda was all Wada cared about; these whereabouts had become his obsession.

The pop star and Yakuza princess never went out to dinner anywhere fancy, either. Choosing instead to eat at café's well beneath their means, then going to some filthy motel on the seedier side of Tokyo. Ryohei's bodyguard, Suke, always paid cash for the room. Kanda continually managed to ditch her bodyguards, too, never realizing she was never really out of Yakuza observation and now, neither was Ryohei.

It was his continual scrutiny of the couple that finally produced the information Wada needed. Information he was more than happy to present to Kanda's father. Something powerful enough to squash the couple's ridiculous relationship once and for all, as well as guarantee his future as the new oyabun.

Wada bowed as he entered oyabun Kai's office. "Oyabun, I seek a moment of your time."

The older man nodded and waved Wada toward him. "Come, take a seat, saiko komon. Would you care for a drink?"

"Not today, sir. I am here today on a matter of great importance...something we need to speak of in private." Wada glanced over his shoulder.

"Very well." The oyabun nodded toward a well-dressed Yakuza thug on the other side of the room. The man bowed and disappeared from the old man's chambers. "Now, what information have you brought me that requires this level of secrecy?"

"Wataro Kimura."

"I see. Now, what of this troublesome man, Wada?"

"Your daughter, Kanda...it appears she is in a secret relationship with his son."

"The singer?"

"Hai!" Wada replied emphatically.

"Very interesting. I want this boy brought to me. I wish to speak with him myself regarding his intentions with..."

Wada raised his hand. "Oyabun, his intentions are the real reason for my presence here."

"Very well, speak to this matter, then."

Wada tilted his head forward. "He is using your daughter to find out information about our family. May I?" Wada asked and opened his coat, reaching inside with his right hand.

"By all means, saiko komon."

Wada extracted several grainy photos of Ryohei and Kanda standing outside of the motel together as well as seated across from each other in an old diner, both wearing sunglasses. "These were given to me by a police investigator we have on our payroll." ~Lie "This informant tells me Ryohei works for them and has somehow managed to convince Kanda to pass him information regarding our internal operations."

"I do not believe it. Kanda would never betray the family in this way!"

"She might if she believed she were in love." Wada produced one more photo showing the couple embraced in a kiss.

The old man slammed a fist on his desk. "I want this boy...this...this rock star brought to me, immediately!"

Wada raised a hand once more. "Oyabun, might I ask a favor?"

"Anything, Wada."

"Since he is no threat, may I handle this matter myself? I really do not want to stain Kanda's reputation within the family because of this deceit...I believe she might be confused. I would like the opportunity to speak with her...convince her to do the right thing. It would be best if she kept her honor intact for reasons which we have both spoken of previously."

"I see. Yes, bring the singer to me and I will deal with him. Then we will address this situation with my daughter one more time...apparently I should have been more sympathetic to your proposal the first time around, Wada."

Wada stood and bowed. "Thank you, oyabun."

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