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babybea: q&a with @tomholland1996 starting NOW #savingsamuel
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username: did u and tom really kiss on set #savingsamuel


babybea: 🤐

username2: are u and haz still dating?? #savingsamuel


TomHolland1996: not to be rude but this is about the movie not bea's love life

username3: how much longer until the movie is released ?!! #savingsamuel


babybea: about five or six more months !!!!

Zendaya: how much did u guys miss me??? #savingsamuel


TomHolland1996: not much


babybea: a whole lot

username4: tom what'd u like best abt filming w bea, bea what'd u like best abt filming w tom #savingsamuel


babybea: he always makes the bad days good


TomHolland1996: filming some scenes was very hard mentally, and bea just really made it easy

username5: what can u tell us abt the film?? #savingsamuel


babybea: it's gonna be good 😏😏😏

babybea: alright guys that's all for tonight! thx for the q's ❤️❤️  #savingsamuel
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