About the OCs

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Redstar- ThunderClan
Mother- Daisyleaf
Father- Grizzlyheart
Siblings- Diamondsky
Crush- Oakpelt

Sapphiredawn- ThunderClan
Mother- Featherdawn
Father- Rapidleap
Siblings- None
Crush- Poolshadow (WindClan)

Spark That Creates The Flame- Tribe of Rushing Water
Mother- Pale Light Of The Dawn
Father- Hail Storm From The North
Sister- Snow That Tops The Mountain
Crush- Clay In The Bottom Of Pool

Bella- BloodClan
Mother- Glass
Father- Scourge
Sister- Fog
Crush- Sarge, Leader of BloodClan

Rose- Rouge (former kittypet)
Mother- Jade
Father- Quinn
Brother- Charlie (deceased)
Crush- None
Extra- Is a shape-shifter

Rainbowheart- ThunderClan
Mother- Unknown
Father- Unknown
Siblings- Unknown
Crush- Grassfur
Extra- Is a werecat

Silverstar- ShadowClan
Mother- Rosepoppy
Father- Ryepad
Brother- Heathstalk
Crush- None

Cinderfeather- ShadowClan
Mother- Vixenyawn
Step-Mother- Gingerflame
Father- Coldglimpse
Siblings- None
Step-Sisters- Greatkit and Highkit
Crush: Thunderfur (ThunderClan deputy)
Extra- The main character in my Cinderella story, Nothing

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