Monday Evening, Wilford's Mansion

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I stand in front of the mirror, grimacing.
Agreeing to go on a "date" with Wilford.


Getting to walk around free after this.


But why a dress?
The dress was a silky-you guessed it- light pink, and honestly, it felt like wearing a curtain. Walking over to the vanity, I scowl at the makeup. Stuff like this; I would avoid at all costs.
But now, I thank Kat for making me put on makeup. I put on the lipstick first, a light (color), then apply a bit of (another color) blush. Last, I put on the mascara, remembering Kat's words: "Bring your hand up softly"
I chuckle, then put up the mascara.
"All I'm putting on today." With that, I went over and knocked against the door; his que that I was ready. He opened the door and let out a small sigh. "You look stunning.." I shift awkwardly, then look at my leg. Wilford got the hint and crouched down, unlocking the shackle. He straightened up and held out his arm. I've seen enough romance comedy's to know what to do. I put my arm and lace it through the crook of his elbow. With that, we walk out of the room.

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