Daddy's Fed Up

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I had a vision

A vision of my nails in the kitchen

Scratching countertops, I was screaming

My back arched like a cat,

My position couldn't stop you were hitting it

And I shouldn't cry, but I love it, Starboy

Stargirl - The Weeknd ft Lana Del Rey

Chapter Eleven - Daddy's Fed Up

"Did you hear about this new show that everyone has been talking about? We should watch it tomorrow." I turned to Ari and smiled. I tilted my head to the side when I saw her frown.

"Sorry Vera, I'm going to be busy this weekend."

"I'm your only friend. What can you possibly be doing without me?" I felt bad because she looked offended. I really needed to learn how to watch what I say.

"I'm going away with my father this weekend." Now I was the one offended. How dare she leave her only friend.

"Oh. Where are you going?"

"Every year we go to this thing where teens get together so they can make new friends. It's a good way to get to know people your age." I was waiting for Ari to say that she was just kidding, but she didn't.

"Ari, how long have you been going to this thing?"

"Since freshman year," she said proudly. I was hoping this would be a fucking joke but I see it's not.

"Why do you need to go to something stupid like that? You're like eighteen." Ari's frown was back on her face. There I go being an asshole again.

"My Dad was worried because I wasn't making friends. It was hard making friends when we moved a lot and had to deal with everything with my Mom." Are you happy now? You made your friend sad. I'm such a bitch. 

"I didn't mean to be rude. I'm sorry about that. I'm sure you're going to have a great time. Maybe we can watch it next weekend."

"I should have told you. We'll definitely watch it next weekend!" Ari turned back to her homework. I grabbed her arm and shook her.

"What am I supposed to do without you? I have no friends!" Ari giggled when I started being dramatic. We got a few looks from people in the library. I glared at them which made them turn back to their work.

"I wish you could go with me! Wait a minute..." Ari looked like she was plotting. I don't think I like where this is going. "I could ask my Dad if you can come with me!  It would be so fun, Vera!" Now Ari was shaking me when I started shaking my head no.

"On second thought, I think I have plans." Ari raised her eyebrow at me. So what I was lying? I wouldn't spend a weekend with Braxton. Being at his house was different because at least I could avoid him being in Ari's room. He barely came home anyway, so the only time I had to see him was at dinner if he joined us. Going on vacation would require us being around each other all the time. I don't know if I was ready for that after everything that went down.

"You have no friends. What could you possibly be busy with?" I narrowed my eyes at the little bitch when she smirked. "It'll be so fun. We'll stay at this expensive hotel and there will be parties and good food, and good drinks! I know you'll love it." The parties and drinks would have made me say yes, but I knew I could never afford something like that. Hell, I could barely afford lunch.

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