Chapter 15

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Chapter 15:

Erikka's P.o.v.

Anna got us into the hotel just like she did at the airport, except this time I was prepared for the foggy mind thing. We got to the room and threw our bags down. "Ok," I said, laying down on the bed and stretching out, "who's sleeping where?"

The gang followed my example; Anna sprawled on the other bed while Leo flopped onto the couch and Nico just dropped to the floor. "Well we claimed it, didn't we? Just now?" Anna said, her words muffled as she talked into the bed.

Nico's head sprang up. "Wait! Are you forcing me onto the floor?" I let out a chuckle. She nodded and he sunk back to the floor. "You all suck." As Anna and I laughed, Leo sat up, swinging his legs around to look at us.

"Let's go for a swim. We have some time, and Chiron told me not to start until tomorrow." My eyes narrowed at the ceiling I was staring at. What kind of quest didn't start right away? I looked at him from where I lay, noticing how his eyes skipped over me rather than acknowledging my existence.

"I didn't pack a bathing-"

"I brought extra!" Anna yelled, cutting off my attempt to avoid an awkward situation. My lips pursed while I glared at her, both of us sitting up again.

"Well, I don't like swimming." Leo shrugged at my lame excuse.

"Too bad, because we aren't leaving you alone, so you can either possibly get your clothes all wet, or throw the bathing suit on." I glared at him, wishing that there was something else I could do.

"Fine," I growled, "pass me the suit." Anna let out a squeal before opening up her bag and digging out a skimpy, black, string bikini and a yellow polka-dotted one. Neither one should have been allowed to be called a swim suit. She threw the black one at me, and shoved me into the bathroom after yelling for me to change quickly.

The material felt foreign to me as I slid it on. The last time I had gone swimming was ages ago in a lake near a hospital in moms early stages. It had been one of the few times she was stable enough to leave the hospital. We'd spent the day eating jelly sandwiches and sitting right where the water hit the sand.

The memory played in my mind, letting me smile as I turned to see myself in the mirror. I wasn't super thin, but enough to see the curves I had. The top was a little small on me, but maybe they had an extra T-shirt I could borrow.

I stepped out of the bathroom, my clothes hugged to my chest. "Your turn Anna." She looked me up and down and gave me a nod of approval.

"You had a bigger rack than I thought, Rikki." At her words, Leo and Nico looked up at me, making my face turn red. Anna winked at me while she started walking to the bathroom. Before he got to the door, however, she grabbed the clothes I had in my arms. Suddenly I was in nothing but the string bikini and Nico, at least, wasn't staring at me: Leo was.

My mouth opened and closed, trying unsuccessfully to find words to cover up my embarrassment. For some reason, my eyes were locked on Leo's face as he watched me. Nico sighed as he pulled out Leo's swim trunks and pushed it into his hands. "Close your mouth, Leo. They aren't even that impressive. What are they, B's?"

That was enough to snap me out of whatever had glued me to one spot. "D's actually, which aren't half bad thank you very much." Nico started cracking up while I just walked to my bag, ignoring the awkward blush in Leo's cheeks.

The bathroom door opened and Anna walked out. "Ta-da!" Anna said, spinning around in a circle to show off the yellow polka-dots. Her hair was up in a messy bun that I could never pull off. "Fabulous, right? Connor gave it to me for my birthday, said it was the best that he could steal." She smiled as she talked about him, so I did what any fangirl would do; I coughed 'OTP' into my hand and watched her blush grow.

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