We ran into the middle of a clearing, Destery was agitated and looking around between every gap in each tree. Her lips were trembling, but it was like she was speaking to herself... I couldn't hear her though, not over the sound of my heart pumping. The camera, a Canon, was held tightly between my fingers and my palm, and I could feel myself getting pins and needles I was that nervous. Deciding I should start recording, I lifted it up and started recording... I knew full well that, now, there's no going back.

Destery was pacing, around in circles whilst scanning the area. I panned with the camera, but all I could see personally was lush green grass and spooky-looking trees. The sun was going down though, giving a slight golden tint to some of the leaves.

Suddenly, her blue eyes clouded with a darker colour, and her expression of doubt dropped. I was seriously worried, now... 

Before I could ask her what she saw, she dropped to the ground and started shaking violently. I shouted her name, several times, but she continued to vigorously. What could I do? She had said not to do anything, because she knows it will stop eventually. So I stood there, crying, as she got on all fours and howled like a dog. 


Ten minutes, and she was shivering whilst whispering a foreign language... I sat on the grass, cross-legged at the sun began to drop. Her parents would surely be looking for her, by now. At least I wasn't crying anymore.

When I see Destery, lying there, her body occupied by evil... I can't help but blame her for putting me into this position. It's like me asking her to watch my house set alight. It's inevitable, you can't do anything but watch and cry. I've never had a best friend before, but I didn't expect this to be part of the job... What am I thinking? Of course it's not her fault that I'm crying, it's not like she chooses this. It's only right for her to make a difference, using this as an example.

Destery is a pretty girl, not in a weird way... but I'm surprised she hasn't had a boyfriend, despite this problem.

Her black, curly hair is always bouncing on her shoulders, with the slightest movement. Her blue eyes pierce into your soul, and are easy to confide in. Her features are feminine, yet masculine at the same time; her jaw is strong but she has the daintiest lips, nose and slightly plump and forever rosy cheeks. Her figure is slightly small, but thin with nice muscles.

Also, she had her own style, you can't lable her as emo or chav... Des' love for black and red clothing is un-grebified with the style of lace and buttons. Her cloak... now screwed up on the ground... gives her an identity. She'd told me about how she's always called Red Riding Hood, and it didn't take long to find out why...

Destery truly is the type of personality plays a part too. Kind, with humour, but deadly seriousness in the right situation. I hadn't met her much, outside of that situation, but I can't wait for it.

She's like my older sister.

Whilst in my train of thought, I realised that she'd stopped moving, and was lying completely still, and I could hear that her breathing was ragged. Camera still in hand, I tried approaching her.

"Destery? Can you hear me?" I whispered, my voice jumped a little as worry started taking over. Hopefully it's normal.

I heard her whimper, but her eyes didn't open. Mentally, I started debating whether to put the camera away... it felt wrong, like this was so private that it cannot be shared. But no, Destery said everything, up until the minute that she says it's okay... but is she ever going to be okay?

"Shall I get your parents?" I asked, and her fingers twitched. She was bruised all over her arms, and her lips were turning blue from the sudden drop in temperature.

"C...cold." She strained, her voice barely a scratch of a whisper. She was clearly still fighting the pain, as her hand moved slightly to her head, as if trying to block something out. I layed the camera, still recording, on the floor so she was in shot. It seemed silly to be worrying about angles while she was in need of help. I picked up her cloak, and spread it over her as she started to cry and shaking her head in rejection to whatever was entering her mind. 

Her eyes opened suddenly, and I jumped away whilst picking up the camera. She turned her head towards me, and gave me a sympathetic look, but her expression changed as everything tensed in her body. Her eyes, I swear to god, glowed red as she gave a menecing smile. 

"Destery!" I objected, and tried running away. She grabbed my leg. I was being pulled back. I was scared. 

"Let go! Des! Stop it! It's me!" I cried out, dropping the camera and digging my fingers into the soft earth as she tried to pull me closer. Destery just growled. She was older- and much much stronger- and pulling me to her wasn't a problem. I turned my head around, and aimed my other foot to kick her square in the nose. She let go, and I grabbed the opportunity.

Running quickly to the small opening, I heard her hiss. I'm getting her parents.

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