David and Sinbad

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Requested by Deirdjzombie6 

David: Sinbad

Sindaddy: Okay, you can already talk to me in my head so why text? Also, how would you text? Wth??

David: ....???

David: Why the name?

Sindaddy: Ja'far...

David: ..?

Sindaddy: He doesn't appreciate me! Ugh, stupid paper work

David: Seriously? Im not talking to you to listen to you rant about your love life.

Sindaddy: Well, I'm not talking to you because.. because.. uh... Im just not...?

David: Seriously though? You're jealous of paper. with writing. which comes from trees. you're jealous of dead trees.

Sindaddy: SHut up

David: Hah, never! 

David: You know what? we should talk about your lil jealousy of dead trees more often! Wow, priceless reaction

Sindaddy: SHUT

David: Awww, you know this is really entertaining! 

Sindaddy: Hat you

David: Really? Hat? Lmao

Sindaddy: HATEE*

Sindaddy: Fricken uuuuughh

Sindaddy: GO away

*Sindaddy has gone offline*

David: You can go offline but you can't silence me! Im IN YOUR HEAD HAHAHHAHAHAHHA

*David's name was changed to Davidisawesome*

Davidisawesome: HEHEHHEHE

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