Imy & Harry

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY IMY:3 Hope you have a great day and here is my birthday present to you:D


And yes, I am in this one shot. Don't judge me, babe;)


ImHers: Goodevening gorgeous:) how are you? xx

ImHis: Evening, Curl;) I am very good, you? xx

ImHers: Amazing! Do anything exciting today? xx

ImHis: Of course! It is my birthday today!:L xx

ImHers: :O it is?! xx

ImHis: Harry Styles, do not tell me you've forgotten my birthday after so many years of knowing each other...Has fame gone to your head boy?!:P xx

ImHers: I'm joking! I knew it was your birthday. Your present shall arrive Saturday;) xx

ImHis: Isn't that when you come home? xx

ImHers: My point exactly xx

ImHis: Worst present ever. xx

ImHers: I'm offended. xx

ImHis: Should be;P xx

ImHers: Hahah! But naah, that's not your present, it's a surprise:L xx

ImHis: But I hate surprises! xx

ImHers: Your point? xx

ImHis: Bastard. xx

ImHers: Yep;) I gotta go now babe, I'll call you when I land okay? Loving and missing you!:) xx

ImHis: Okay, bye! Loving and missing you too:) xx

Imy's POV

Today is Saturday.

The boys are finally coming home! I can't wait to see them! Especially a certain boy with chestnut curls and the most gorgeous green eyes on the plant; along with dimples and an irresistible smile. A smile grew on my face as I thought of seeing him again. It's been well over a month since I last saw him. We've only been talking on skype when we can. I've seen him through webcam, but it's not the same as seeing him in person. He's already rang me to say they've landed, so now I'm driving the short, 10 minute journey to the airport. By the time I got there, he would've only just been let out due to all the security stuff you have to go through.

My sister, Becca (who was one year older than me at 18) was actually the one driving the car. What I meant by 'I'm driving the short...blah' was 'I'm in the car raving to music'. She has deep ginger hair that was down in its natural, messy yet pretty curls. She has weird coloured eyes, they're the same colour as her hair. She is currently dating Niall. Whereas I have brown hair in waves that I left down. I wore my black-framed glasses that made my brown eyes stand out. Also, I'm dating Harry, not Niall.

Perfect by P!nk came on and I couldn't help but squeal. It's mine and Becca's song. I turned it up the volume and sang, rather loudly, to the lyrics. We have this thing, I start off and sing the first part, she takes over and sings the next, then we both sing the chorus and repeat.

Me: Made a wrong turn once or twice

Dug my way out, blood and fire

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