Lost Memories

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Percy had the best life imaginable. Well, the best demigod life imaginable. A wonderful girlfriend named Annabeth, a best friend called Grover, a half-brother Cyclops named Tyson, a blue-cookie baking mother by the name of Sally Jackson, and an Olympian God of the Sea known as Poseidon as a father.

But what happens when something changes? What happens when everyone forgets the Savior of Olympus, including his girlfriend, best friend, brother, mother, and father? What happens when no one knows him, except for Percy's least favorite god? Will Percy be able to survive without his mother, his girlfriend and his beloved camp to guide him?

Struggling to deal with his isolation, and the inevitable godly threat to his home, the hero of Olympus must unite with a new force, one he never knew had existed. New powers are revealed and secrets are uncovered, as the battle begins.

Will Percy have his happy ending? Or will this worldwide amnesia finally succeed in destroying the great hero?

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