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Mia's POV:

I tried to hold my trembling lips still as Sam approached us but the laugh I was suppressing kept threatening to escape from behind my lips.

I looked over to Scott and I could no longer contain my self I let out a loud and slightly surprising laugh. Scott looked horrified as he quickly glanced over to me before tuning back to Sam with  a expression of sheer fear behind his eyes.

I giggled again as I saw anger spark in Sam's eyes, he looked thoroughly pissed off, but why ???

It was his fault I had ended up getting a lift with Scott, if he hadn't left me stranded at home with no possible way to get to school, I wouldn't have had to ask Scott.

Drastic times call for drastic measures.

I looked back to Sam and felt my self fall apart instantly as I figured out who he remained me of at that exact moment.

Donald Trump.

The last few weeks had been really hot lately and Sam being Sam had spend most of days tanning his toned body, but last week as he lay tanning him self he had fallen asleep and had forgotten to take of his sunglasses meaning his whole face was tanned except for his eyes.

I had taken the piss out of him days, constantly mocking his stupidity for my on pleasure.

His white eyes combined with his pout lips and heavy breathing made him look like a younger version of Donald Trump.

I felt laughter erupt from inside my throat as Sam came to stand in front.

I chocked back another giggle as I saw Sam glaring at me and Scott biting his lip nervously, god he looked hot when he did that...

Shut up shut up, I willed my stupid hormones to stop causing immense feeling towards Scott as we all stood in a odd shaped triangle silently daring each other to speak first.

"Shut the hell up Mia," Sam spoke first, OK I take that back it was more like he shouted first his voice sounded like a fog horn as he stood towering over me.

I'm tall for a girl, I measure about 9ft 10inches so I'm no push over but I wont deny that a lot of the time I wished I was a lot smaller.

I wished like everyone else I could melt away and disappear in a crowd but at this exact moment I wished with all my heart I was as tall as a sky scraper, I hated the feeling of power and intimidation Sam had over me.

"What's wrong Sammy, someone cut a whole in your knickers, sorry I mean shorts," I snickered trying desperately to hold my laughter back.

Scott looked at us both puzzled, he had yet to be told about the shorts, I smiled picturing his reaction.

At least Scott had the decency to wear shorts that didn't display his jewels to the world.

"Why the hell is she with you???" Sam barked at Scott.

"She umm... needed a ride..." Scott trailed off and I could see small sweat bead forming on his forehead.

Scott was always being put down by Sam but over the past few months their playful banter had gotten a lot more serious and I could tell by Scott's defeated attitude he was really hurt.

Suddenly I felt all the laughter and previous feeling of happiness sucked right out of me and replaced with feelings of regret and guilt.

So much guilt.

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