Charlotte POV

"Welcome. Are you here to visit someone?" The doorman asked. I looked at his nametag, which read "Mark". "Yes, Mark. I was here earlier today with Mr. Westworth-I mean Aiden." I replied back. "Oh yes I'm sorry. It's been a long day for me. Go on ahead miss." I stepped into the elevator and pressed level 20. My heart raced as the elevator was ringing what floor it was passing. 

Aiden POV

"She's here. Do I leave?" Billy asks me. 
"Yes, just leave already." I replied. Billy immediately left. I took one more look in the mirror. Damn, I'm hot. The door opened. "Hello? Aiden?" An angelic voice sang. I rushed to see Charlotte in an emerald green cocktail lace dress. She's so damn beautiful Fuck, I just had to get a boner. "Charlotte, make yourself at home. I'll be right there" I shouted. I went back to the room. "Think nasty thoughts. Think nasty thoughts. Gross things!" I whispered to myself. Finally, I was calm. I was walking to the kitchen when I smelled something heavenly. Charlotte was cooking chicken with pesto and had already poured some wine for us. "Can I help you with anything?" I asked. "No, Aiden. You should sit down. I'll do everything here." I sat over at the table, waiting for Charlotte. "Dinner is almost done." She chirped. I continued staring at her. She was so damn beautiful. My heart was probably at 135. Time went by so quickly. Before I knew it, the food was right in front of me. The spices dancing in the air, beckoning  me to sniff the ingredients. "Is that parsley I smell?" "Yes, Billy told me you liked chicken marsala so I made that for you." She answered back. We both ate in silence. After some time, she asks, "Are you ready for dessert?" If the dessert is you naked on the table, then yes I'm ready my inner thoughts said. Charlotte brought out a chocolate cake with two bowls of ice cream and chocolate syrup. "You certainly know how to feed a person." I smiled. "My mom and grandmother taught me how to cook and do everything under the sun." After finishing our dessert, I gave her a tour of the loft and we drank some more wine. "My head is spinning right now." She hiccupped. "Me too. I can't stop laughing for some reason!" She tried to go to the kitchen but fell on top of me and we landed on the couch. I grabbed her hair and kissed her violently. My tongue was going down her throat and she moaned. She tried pushing away from me but I pulled her so close. My erection was pressing against her sex. "Hmm! Aiden! Stop this please. You're my boss. I can't do this with you." She quickly started to grab her bag and went for the door. I intercepted her by blocking her exit. "You can't leave me. I need you with me. Stay the night." I slurred. "Aiden, please get out of my way. You're scaring me." She begged. I didn't want to lose her. She was my world. "I love you." I whispered.

Charlotte POV

"What?" I asked. "I said, 'I love you'." Aiden replied. My heart quickened and fluttered. "Please, I can't stay here. Let me leave or I'll call the police and claim you are holding me against my will." Aiden smirked. "Smart girl. Here's one thing you need to know." He came close to whisper to me, "I own the police." Tears formed in my eyes. "You know what I am capable of. I can and will have you." I backed away from him and into the counter-top. "Who are you, Aiden?" I whispered. "I am the head of the New York Mafia, my dear. I own this city. Soon, I'll own you." I looked towards the door and back at Aiden. He was grabbing another drink and I made my escape. "No!" He screamed. I ran so fast towards the stairs. I didn't care if I had to run all 20 flights, I had to flee from him. As I was descending onto the 16th floor, I heard Aiden screaming, "Charlotte!! I love you! Please don't leave me! I'll die without you!" I finally reached onto the first floor and ran to my car. Shaken and afraid, I drove home and cried profusely.

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