19 - Ma knows all.

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Eddie strolls out of her bedroom in skinny jeans and a tight fitted tee

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Eddie strolls out of her bedroom in skinny jeans and a tight fitted tee. Luca can't help but stare at her snug clothes.

"Cara you are killing me." He says softly in her ear. He wraps his arms around her breathing in her scent. It is slightly erotic just how good she smells.

When there is a knock at the door Luca drops his arms from around Eddison. Marc laughs heading to the door.
"Ready lovers?"

Luca stands a good few feet away from Eddie just for good measure as his brother opens the door. He watches as his parents step so comfortably into the house. His Ma wraps Marcello in her arms first before turning to Eddie and Luca. She hugs them both in turn before stepping back to look at them.

"Oh Luciano e Eddison sono insieme!" Mrs Morreti says excitedly.

"Come fai a saperlo?" Luca asks his mum looking accusingly at his brother.

"Non l'ho fatto" Marc raise his hands in surrender. Eddie stands back watching the Italian conversation utterly confused.

"Will someone translate for me?" She asks and all heads snap to her. Luca closes the distance between them once again placing his arms around her waist.

"Ma knows all." Luca says with a shrug causing everyone to laugh.

"I am so happy!" Mrs Morreti says.

"ORA MANGIAMO!" Mr Morreti says loudly.

"Now we eat." Luca whispers the translation into Eddie's ear.

The five of them move to the dining room and get situated before Luca get the lasagna from the oven. Everyone loads their plate and Dante Morretti speaks first.

"To Marcello," he says raising his glass of red wine. "My oldest son finally taking his place. Taking over the family business."

Luca looks from his father, to his mother, to his brother but Eddie claps her hands together happily. Leaning into Marc she hugs him. Eddie congratulates him with a kiss on the cheek.

"This is a little sudden don't you think?" Luca asks loudly.

"It is the best time." Dante answers.

"Your father knows best Luciano."

"Am I missing something?" Eddie places a hand on Luca's thigh. "This a good thing Luca." Eddie smiles at her surrogate family who smile back. The five eat their dinner before relaxing in the lounge room.

With Christmas only a few days away Marc decides to stay in Boston much to Luca's disgust. Eddie lies back on Luca's bed as he gets undressed.

"We don't have to have sex every night Luciano." Eddie laughs at him.

"I know that but why does he have to stay here."

"I can hear you." Marc's voice travels through the wall and Eddie laughs.

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