Chapter 45

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The fighting at Helm's Deep continues. Gimli hacks away with his axe, counting as he does so, determined not to lose.

Gimli: "Seventeen. Eighteen. Nineteen. Twenty. Twenty-one. Twenty-two."

A group of Uruks, covered in shields, approach the main gate. Aragorn sees this, shouting a warning.

Aragorn: "Northway! Nauthannen!"

The elves shoot & many of the uruks fall, dead. Théoden watches with a face of satisfaction.

Théoden: "Is this it? Is this all you can conjure, Saruman?"

Below the wall, troops carry Saruman's explosives to the drain. An Uruk soldier carrying a bright torch runs towards the hole. Seeing this, Aragorn shouts to Legolas.

Aragorn: "Togo hon dad (Stop him), Legolas! Dago hon (Kill him)!"

Two arrows fly from Legolas' bow, both striking the target. However, they fail to kill the uruk. The explosives are lit. A large part of the wall explodes. Caught in the blast, Aragorn is knocked unconscious. Théoden stares at the scene in shock as Saruman's army begins to crowd through the hole in the wall. The uruks attacking the gates, pound upon them, trying to break through.

Théoden: "Brace the gates!"

Rushing to the gates, the men attempt to hold them against the enemy soldiers.

Théoden: "Hold them! Stand fast!"

Atop the wall, men throw rocks & spears upon the orcs below. Aragorn regains consciousness, sitting up, as the irks run towards them. Gimli sees this & jumps down from the wall, landing in a pool & hacking at the attacking uruks. Aragorn gets to his feet.

Aragorn: "Gimli! Prepare to charge!"

Gimli continues fighting, but is hit & falls in to the pool. Aragorn shouts to the archers above.

Aragorn: "Hado i philinn (Hurl the arrows)! "Herio (Charge)!"

Leading the men below, Aragorn charges toward the enemy army. Inside the keep, Legolas takes a shield & jumps on it, riding down the stairs, shooting uruks as he goes. Reaching the end, the elf leaps off & the shield flies into the throat of an uruk, slaying it instantly. Drawing his knife, Legolas stabs another uruk, kicking it away as he withdraws his knife. A third uruk swings his blade at the elf & he steps back but is not able to avoid the strike completely. The sword catches on his tunic, tearing the fabric, revealing the clear crystal Miyuki had entrusted him with. It is pure black. Quickly regaining himself, the elf stabs the uruk & looks around, eyes searching the battlefield.

Legolas: "Miyuki!"


Miyuki: "Obey my command. God of Fire, come forth!"

Upon Raiden's back, Miyuki summons balls of fire. They rain down upon the enemy below, setting many uruks alight. Raiden suddenly screeches, an arrow grazing his soft underbelly. The enemy soldiers have begun shooting arrows, attempting to bring the dragon master to the ground. Miyuki's eyes narrow.

Miyuki: "Obey my command. Petals of the Wind, come forth!"

A barrier of wind forms around Miyuki & Raiden turning the arrows aside. Raiden breathes fire, sending many of the enemy up in flame but endless more rise up to replace them. Miyuki growls softly.

Miyuki: "If it's impossible to take care of you one by one..."

Standing on Raidens back, Miyuki brings the sword in front of her face, the blade pointing up in front of her nose. With her free hand, she makes the Seal of Confrontation, extending her index & middle finger, curling her other fingers into her palm. Closing her eyes, she begins to tap into the dragon's power.

Raiden: "Miyuki?! You're not using that, are you? If you get this wrong, everyone could die!"

Miyuki ignores Raiden. She knew very well how dangerous this move was. If her will was not strong enough, not only the enemy but the Rohirrim could be annihilated. Furthermore, it left her completely open to the darkness within. Yet, it was their only chance to stem to flow of the enemy. Knowing nothing would change his mistress's mind, the dragon releases a surge of energy, sending it to his master. Miyuki channels it to her sword.

Miyuki: "I call upon you, four gods of the universe. Black Warrior of the North. Immortal Bird of the South. White Tiger of the West. Azure Dragon of the East. Genbu, Suzaku, Byakko, Seiryuu, judge all by your divine law!"

Miyuki glows gold. A light shoots from her sword, disappearing into the heavens. Men, elves & orcs stop fighting, watching, wondering what would happen.

Man: "Look! What's that!"

A rumble like thunder splits the sky. Four lights descend; blue, red, green & violet. There is a flash of blinding light, causing everyone to cover their eyes. When the light fades, all stare in amazement for the lights have taken on form; a blue dragon, a fiery bird, a white tiger and a tortoise encircled by a serpent. Everyone stares with a mixture of awe & fear. Miyuki points her sword at the uruk army below.

Miyuki: "Receive the wrath of the gods!"

Obeying her command, the four gods descend upon Saruman's army. Chaos ensues as the uruks realise that the divine beasts are impervious to their weapons. Some try to run while others fight regardless. With a cheer, the men begin to press the attack, pushing the army back. Miyuki smiles in satisfaction when suddenly a sharp pain shoots through her head. Clutching at it, she falls to her knees, closing her eyes, the sounds of battle around her, fading.

Opening her eyes, Miyuki finds herself naked, surrounded in darkness. Looking around, she seemed to be alone. Suddenly, she senses the presence of someone else. Turning, ready to attack, she finds herself looking at another girl with white hair & blood red eyes. The girl smiles at her.

Girl: "Hello, Miyuki."

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